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10:10 Take Action Checklist

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Tick off 10 actions to cut CO2 by 10% in 2010


1. T eam up

Sign up to the 10:10 Health mailing list for resources, updates and support. Find colleagues interested in sustainability and form a 10:10 group.

2. A ctive living

Know anyone with cardiovascular disease, COPD, diabetes, overweight or depression? Active living will benefit their health – help them get out of their cars and start walking, cycling, gardening, dancing… Exercise has fewer side effects than pills.

3. K ick out CO2 emissions

Don’t wait for the whole NHS – get started in your ward / lab / surgery / common room.

4. E ducate yourself

Find out more about climate change, why it’s happening, what it means for human health and what we can do about it.

5. A ge of Stupid screening

Show the hard hitting climate change movie, The Age of Stupid, to raise awareness and inspire action. The NHS has bought a licence making it really easy to show the film for free.

6. C limate and Health pledge

Take the health message to the top – if we shout together, international climate negotiators can hear our voice. Sign the Climate and Health Council pledge at www.climateandhealth.org.

7. T rust Board lobbying

Push your Trust to sign up to 10:10 and take serious action to cut CO2 emissions.

8. I nsulate your patients!

Screen your patients for cold and damp homes – check out what help is available and put them in touch. It’s not social work – it’s for their health.

9. O n your bike

Walk, cycle, car share – get to work the healthy, sociable way!

10. N eutralise waste

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – and keep clean stuff out of the clinical waste! Incineration of yellow (and orange) bags is a great way to make CO2 so if it’s not contaminated, look for a black one – or even better, find a recycling bin.


Congratulations!  Don't forget to report back to 10:10 on your success