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Hot off the Press - New publications from CSH


The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is pleased to announce the publication of 'Greenspace design for health and well-being', a new practice guide for the creation of healing environments and a new set of information leaflets for the recently launched Outer Space project sites.

           File 2536

The practice guide has been published by the Forestry Commission and CSH and the NHS Forest have worked closely with the authors Aileen Shackell and Robin Walter to help develop a resource which is both practical and inspirational.  As Sir Muir Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer to the NHS, says in his foreword:

"This practice guide will assist directors of facilities, estate managers, capital strategic planners, policymakers: in short everyone interested in health improvement and patient care, whether dealing directly with patients or managing grounds"

Click on the cover image for a PDF download of the guide or go to the Forestry Commission website to order hard copies.

And in a surfeit of printed delights we've just received our new Outer Space site leaflets which we're very pleased with.

File 2532

Emma Griffin at Oxford's Tide Design has developed a branding and graphics identity for the project which builds on the original NHS Forest design and emphasises the role of Outer Space as the project which is bringing communities in to benefit from and assist in the work of greening healthcare sites.

File 2526

Click on the top leaflet for more information and pictures of the project sites at St Catherine's Doncaster and University Hospital Coventry and for the latest news and activities, click above.