Sustainability in Quality Improvement Academy

The Sustainability in Quality Improvement (SusQI) Academy provides CPD training and support to QI Leads for embeddding sustainability into QI education and practice in their organisation. Organisations may choose to enrol a number of key staff in the Academy to access CSH expert support. Membership is available to those working within health professions education and/or in quality improvement, service transformation and health service delivery.

As a member of the SusQI Academy, individuals will receive support to build their competencies in SusQI education and or leadership and work towards achieving SusQI Beacon Site status for their institution. The Centre will also provide support and mentoring for integrating SusQI into current QI practices, including developing training models, materials, frameworks and reviewing strategy.

This diagram outlines the training and support offered to SusQI Academy members. Members may access any or all of the support available to meet their own needs and the needs of their organisation.

susqi academy

SusQI Academy Annual Membership

CPD and support for a key person to become a SusQI Lead including:

  1. CSH Courses: Access to CSH technical workshops (SusQI course*, Teaching SusQI, Carbon Footprinting)
  2. Quarterly Forums: Online forums led by CSH experts. Share current learning, challenges and network with peers.
  3. Tailored mentoring hours: up to 10 hrs of flexible online mentoring across the year, e.g. to review current QI materials and provide support with embedding SusQI into current QI teaching/leadership. Where more than one Lead is signed up from an organisation mentoring time is shared between them.
  4. SusQI Academy Network: An Academy members only online network space for resource and information sharing.
  5. Exclusive resources: Access to members only area with exclusive SusQI resources.
  6. Recognition as an Aspiring Beacon Site: Appear on the CSH Map, use the Beacon site logo for your material, receive a quarterly newsletter, share work at a national level inc. CSH's annual SusQI showcase

*Individuals who have already done the SusQI course may choose another Centre for Sustainable Healthcare course to attend.

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Costs: exclusive of VAT.

  •  Organisation Package One (Suitable for 1-2 leads): £3500
  • Organisation Package Two (Suitable for 3 -5 leads): £5750
  • Organisation Package Three (Suitable for 6-10 leads): £8950

Upcoming enrollment dates

January 2024

  • Induction date: 12:00-13:00 Monday 8th Jan 2023
  • Live SusQI workshop: Thursday 25th Jan 2023
  • Live Teaching SusQI workshop: Wednesday 6th Mar 2023

March 2024

  • Induction date: 12:00-13:00 Monday 4th Mar 2023
  • Live SusQI workshop: Tuesday 26th Mar 2023
  • Live Teaching SusQI workshop: Thursday 16th May 2023


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