Short courses in sustainability, health and healthcare

Designed for health professionals, educators, students, and sustainability / estates managers, our training courses are based on a mix of core concepts, case studies, and the sharing of interdisciplinary perspectives and experiences.   We recommend starting with Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare and then continuing further with our advanced courses.  If you have some background knowledge, you are welcome to join the advanced courses directly. 

Part I. Self-study:  Three weeks before the workshop we will send you a link with access to a 4-hour interactive package with video case studies. After working through the materials in your own time, you are invited to identify a sustainability problem in your setting that you would like address.

Part II. Workshop: This 4-hour small group workshop is facilitated by expert instructors and conducted over a video conferencing platform. Workshop timetables are available on each of the individual course pages (see menu at right).

Part III. Work-in-progress presentations (optional, for advanced courses only): A few months after the workshop you will have an opportunity to share your work and receive further input from peers and instructors.

"I highly recommend the CSH courses. As someone who was interested in environmental sustainability but unsure how to incorporate this into my professional practice, I found it to be a great source of information (and inspiration!). A knowledgeable faculty provide real-life examples of how sustainability projects can improve the NHS for patients and the environment. The courses also provide a fantastic opportunity to network with other like-minded health care professionals (when one can sometimes feel like a ‘lone voice’ within a department!)"

Book a course with peace of mind: We realise that healthcare workers may have to change their plans at short notice. If you enrol in a course and are then unable to attend the workshop, we can offer you a workshop at a later date for no charge. We can also offer a refund as long as you cancel before the course opens for self-study, which is 3 weeks before the workshop. There will be an admin fee of £30 for refunds.


Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare

This course is an overview of the relationship between the health sector and the climate and ecological crises. How does the health system contribute to climate change? How can clinical practices become sustainable?

  • Workshop: 6 October (Wed) 14.00-18.00
    • Self-study period opens: 15 September (Wed)
  • Workshop: 11 November (Thu) 07.00-11.00
    • Self-study period opens: 21 October (Thu)
  • Workshop: 18 November 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 28 October (Thu)
  • Workshop: 3 December (Fri) 09.00-13.00
    • Self-study period opens: 12 November (Fri)
  • Workshop: 19 January (Wed) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 29 December (Wed)

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Green Space and Health

Research has shown that green space contributes to physical and mental wellbeing and offers therapeutic benefits for recovery from illness. This course explores the evidence and illustrates how you can integrate these into your own practice.

  • Workshop: 25 January (Tue) 10.00-14.00 ​
    • Self-study period opens: 04 January (Tue)
    • Work-in-progress workshop: 24 May (Tue) 14.00-16.00

£165 + VAT |  Learn more

Carbon Footprinting for Healthcare

This carbon footprinting course will help health professionals, quality improvement leads and medical students to become carbon literate. You will gain an understanding of what a carbon footprint is, how it can be used in the NHS’s endeavour to go net zero and how it is measured.

  • Workshop: 12 October (Tue) 10.00-14.00
    • Self-study period opens: 21 September (Tue)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 23 November (Tue) 10.00-12.00 

£165 + VAT | Learn more

Sustainable Quality Improvement

This intensive course introduces health professionals and educators to the concept of ‘sustainable value’ and the ‘SusQI’ framework for integrating sustainability into quality improvement. 

  • Workshop: 24 November 13.00-17.00: 
    • Self-study period opens: 3 November (Wed)
    • Work-in-progress workshop: 19 January 2022 (Wed) 12.30-14.30
  • Workshop: 26 January 2022 09.00-13.00: 
    • Self-study period opens: 5 January (Wed)
    • Work-in-progress workshop: 10 March (Thu) 09.30-11.30

£165 + VAT | Learn more

Teaching Sustainable Quality Improvement

This course uses the ‘SusQI’ framework, to help health professions educators and students to integrate sustainability concepts into mainstream quality improvement teaching.

  • Workshop: 22 September (Wed) 13.00-17.00 (Sold out)
    • Self-study period opens: 1 September (Wed)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 1 November (Mon) 14.30-16.30
  • Workshop: 8 December (Wed) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 17 November (Wed)

£120 + VAT (discount price of £70 + VAT for educators) | Learn more

Public Health Leadership for Sustainability

This interactive course helps public health professionals to develop leadership skills for environmental sustainability within and outside the health and care sector.

  • Workshop: 21 September (Tue) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 1 September (Wed)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 26 November (Fri) 15.00-17.00
  • Workshop: 17 March 2022 (Thu) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 24 February (Thu)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 28 April (Thu) 15.00-17.00

£165 + VAT | Learn more

Sustainable Dentistry

Dentistry contributes to planetary harm through the products we buy, the waste we produce, and the way patients access our services. This course explores the evidence on harm and ways of reducing it, and prepares dental teams to become more sustainable healthcare providers. 

  • Workshop: 17 November (Wed) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 27 October 2021 (Wed)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 26 January (Wed) 15.00-17.00

£165 + VAT | Learn more

Sustainable Primary Care

The course offers an overview of the development of sustainable healthcare, and how primary care staff can reduce their practice's environmental footprint whilst improving care quality.

  • Workshop: Tuesday 25 January  13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 4 January (Tue)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 22 March (Tue) 17.00-19.00

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Sustainable Mental Healthcare

This course brings together people from across mental health and social care to develop social, environmental and financial sustainability in mental health services, and highlights the leadership role mental health professionals can play in providing healthcare for all within planetary boundaries. 


  • Workshop: 20 October (Wed) 09.00-13.00
    • Self-study period opens: 29 September (Mon)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 08 December (Wed) 09.00-11.00
  • Workshop: 13 January (Thu) 13.00-17.00
    • Self-study period opens: 23 December (Thu)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 24 February (Thu) 15.00-17.00
  • Workshop: 08 April (Fri) 15.00-19.00
    • Self-study period opens: 18 March (Fri)
    • Work-in-progress presentations: 27 May (Fri) 17.00-19.00

£165+VAT | Learn more