Sustainable Dentistry

Course dates

  • Coming spring 2021

Course Description

The practice of healthcare contributes significantly to the international carbon footprint, and therefore undermines both human health and the health of the planetary. Dentistry contributes to planetary harm through the products we buy, the waste we produce, and the way patients access our services. This course explores the evidence on harm and ways of reducing it, and prepares dental teams to become more sustainable healthcare providers.  The course is designed for dental care professionals and support staff in primary and secondary care. More information is here.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the relationship between the socio-environmental determinants of dental health and the climate emergency
  2. Explain the contribution the health system makes to the climate emergency and its solutions.
  3. Identify current sustainable policies which can support sustainable dentistry and the roles organisations play/can play making dentistry sustainable
  4. Review the roles that the dental team plays in the community from a social accountability perspective
  5. Describe the systems approach to influencing the sustainability of dental care
  6. Design a more sustainable dental care system (consider infection prevention and control, product choice, prevention, procurement, waste, travel, and drug management)
  7. Explain how sustainability can be marketed to improve public knowledge, and perception

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