Board-level Net Zero Leadership Training

Sustainable transformation across an organisation requires leadership and engagement from board-level staff. This interactive training workshop, designed for groups of board-level leads and tailored to local requirements, focuses on the expectations for their role in the NHS Net Zero Plan, the unique characteristics of leadership for sustainability, and what they can do to inspire, lead and measure change.


  1. Identify your regulatory responsibilities (NHS England Net Zero Plan / NHS Wales Decarbonisation Action Plan)
  2. Develop essential carbon literacy for healthcare management
  3. Recognise the broader sustainability challenges beyond net zero


  1. Apply leadership skills to sustainability
  2. Communicate climate and health messages to staff and external stakeholders
  3. Refine or operationalise your Green Plan and measure improvement using triple bottom line QI methods
  4. Identify the workforce development needs of your area


  • Fifteen minutes of pre-reading
  • Two-hour workshop on a date of your choice
  • Half hour follow-up mentoring session


£3000 + VAT for up to 16 participants.  £3500 + VAT for 17-23 participants.

Consider whether you would like to invite key decision makers from a single board or include those who can drive wider change through interagency working.

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Groups: Email Stefi Barna to discuss your requirements and specific needs, and which month, days and times you would prefer.

Individuals: If you are involved in healthcare leadership but not able to book for multiple board members, please join the Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare course and develop your leadership plan as part of the workshop.