CSH Sustainability School: New Online Courses!

Wednesday, 27 May, 2020

In response to unprecedented interest, we are expanding our offer of interdisciplinary training courses on sustainability, health and healthcare.  The courses are designed for health professionals, senior leaders, educators, students, and sustainability and estates managers.

We are currently offering discounted prices on the following dates.  Registration information is posted here or click on the individual courses below.

Wed 24 June 2020      Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare 
Thurs 2 July 2020        Green Space and Health                             
Fri 10 July 2020           Carbon Footprinting for Healthcare
Thurs 16 July 2020     Sustainable Quality Improvement                              

Course structure

All courses are based around core concepts, local examples, and the sharing of participants' perspectives and experiences that is essential to creating a sustainable healthcare system.

Part I. Preparation: Two weeks before the workshop begins we will send you a package of interactive instructional material and video case studies to dip into. Use this package to brush up on your background knowledge in your own time. Reflect on what you’d like to get from the course and identify a sustainability topic in your setting that you might like to learn more about.

Part II. Workshop: The 4-hour session will be conducted remotely over a video conferencing platform.

Part III. Individual guidance (advanced courses only): A few months after the workshop you will have an opportunity to share your work and receive further advice from peers and instructors.