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Who we are

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is an independent charity and leading voice in the efforts to incorporate the values of environmental sustainability into the health sector. It has a particular focus on engaging those in the front line of patient care and promoting the concept of sustainable clinical practice. 

Our aim is to bring sustainability and healthcare together. We want to show the world that the healthcare sector can and should be be sustainable, and that by adopting greener clinical practices the entire industry can have a bigger, better impact on patients as well as the planet.

With the UK healthcare industry currently tackling new measures like the Greener NHS Programme and already struggling to meet Net Zero by 2040 targets, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare aims to empower everyone, from clinicians and scientists to patients and the general public, with the knowledge, skills and tools to play their part in the transformation to sustainable healthcare. 

Vision Statement

All people in the health system are able to shape and deliver sustainable healthcare which supports our communities and our natural world.

Mission Statement 

To inspire and empower people with the knowledge, skills and tools to play their part in the transformation to sustainable healthcare. 

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What we do

Founded by Rachel Stancliffe and Sir Muir Gray in 2008, CSH has become one of the worlds foremost institutions in the field of sustainable healthcare and is a significant thought leader in changing clincal best practice. Led by a team of highly respected experts in public health, clinical practice and environmental consultancy, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare continues to work toward bringing the health and sustainability sectors together to build a better, greener future.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare offers strategic services and consultancy on sustainable healthcare with the primary aim of bringing sustainable practices into the mainstream of clinical practice and quality improvement. The clinical side of CSH is supported by its work in medical education and carbon modelling within healthcare, and its green space projects include the NHS Forests. 

Contact details

Our dedicated media team can be reached directly on and are available for quotes, interviews and expert opinion on any aspect of sustainable healthcare.

You can also reach out to the Communications and Marketing Director directly at

Inquiries can also be directed to the telephone number +44 (0)1865 515811 Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

Where we are

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is based in Oxford and registered at 8 King Edward Street, Oxford, 0X1 4HL.

Mail can be forwarded to suite 310, 266 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, 0X2 7DL

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is registered as a company limited in England and Wales by guarantee number 7450026 and as a charity number 1143189

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CSH in the media

"The experience inspired Rachel — an epidemiologist who helped to develop the Cochrane Library, the world’s leading organisation for analysing health research findings — to launch the NHS Forest, a project funded by charitable events which helps hospitals improve their environments by planting trees."

CSH in the media Daily Mail

"Doctors and hospitals elsewhere in the UK have been encouraged to suggest their patients take forest walks or get outside by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford. Its NHS Forest project aims to increase patients’ use of local parks and woodland near hospitals and health centres."

Centre sustainable healthcare in the Guardian



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