Carbon Addict - online resource for health professionals!

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"Do your patients report lengthy showers, meat bingeing and/or compulsive purchase of consumer goods? Asthma? Mental distress? Diabetes? Problem use of carbon-based fuels is now recognised as a disabling medical syndrome.  

"For a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to diagnosis and management of Carbon Dependence Syndrome, or to contribute to this rapidly advancing field, please visit our online guide at"


The Carbon Addict project was originally thought up by the CSH team as an educational resource for medical students. The idea was to help students learn about the health gains possible from a sustainable, low carbon lifestyle - and how as doctors they could incorporate this into day-to-day practice.

In Autumn 2008, the Carbon Addict was brought to life with the support of the UK Public Health Association, as part of a public health partnership for action and learning on climate change. The syndrome of Carbon Dependence doesn't just make sense to clinicians, but also to the public health community - many of whom are already leading intervention programmes described in the Management pages of the site.

As well as providing an engaging introduction to the debilitating impact of carbon excess, the Carbon Addict reference library was created as a starting point for anyone wishing to read up on the evidence behind it.