Sustainability in Quality Improvement (SusQI) Beacon Site Recognition

The Sustainability in Quality Improvement (SusQI) Beacon Site Programme gives recognition to institutions and organisations integrating sustainability into quality improvement teaching and training. Developed through the SusQI education programme, pilot beacon sites were established across all four nations of the UK and also in the Republic of Ireland, working across different levels of medical, nursing and AHP education.

beacon site recognitionWhat are SusQI Beacon Sites?

Beacon Sites are recognised as leading in empowering staff and/or students to design and implement sustainable quality improvement and transformation. They are able to:

  • Appear as a Beacon Site on the live map on the CSH website
  • Use the Beacon Site logo for internal and external communications as well as on educational and training materials
  • Receive a quarterly e-newsletter to stay up to date with news from other Beacon Sites
  • Access a staff discount for attendance at an annual SusQI Showcase Event, with the opportunity to present sustainability in QI work and exchange ideas with other Beacon Sites

Learn more about Beacon Site Accreditation at

Beacon Site Accreditation Brochure

Who can qualify as a beacon site?

You can be a lecturer, professor, training director, or other type of healthcare educator (medical, nursing, AHP), as well as a manager or improvement lead, and you can register your department/course or your entire institution/organisation.

How to become a SusQI Beacon Site?

To be named as a ‘Beacon Site’, institutions/organisations must be able to provide:

  • a named contact
  • details of QI education and training that they provide
  • evidence showing how sustainability is integrated into this training
  • (optional) evidence of integration of sustainability into organisational QI practice

Apply for Beacon Site Recognition

My organisation has embedded sustainability across the QI training that it provides and wishes to be considered for Established Beacon Site status.

I work in a healthcare delivery organisation (eg. NHS trust or health board)  - Please click here to apply and submit evidence for ‘Established’ Beacon Site status


I work in an academic or educational institution (eg. medical or nursing school)  - Please click here to apply and submit evidence for ‘Established’ Beacon Site status 

Guidance on the evidence required when filling out the online application form

My organisation is committed to working towards embedding sustainability across the QI training that it provides and wishes to be considered for ‘Aspiring’ Beacon Site status

Please click here to apply for ‘Aspiring’ Beacon Site status  

Please note: If you are unsure whether your organisation should be considered an ‘Aspiring’ or ‘Established’ Beacon Site status, please complete the ‘Established’ Beacon Site status form above as completely as possible, and one of our team will be in touch.  

There is a one-off administration fee of £350 (plus VAT) for applications for both Aspiring and Established Beacon Site status, followed by an annual retention fee of £175 (plus VAT). Once established as a Beacon Site, this status will be reviewed annually for the first 2 years, and 3-yearly thereafter.

susqi beacon sites

Support for embedding SusQI in your institution

Any organisation who fulfils the criteria can achieve Beacon Site status. Sites may choose to do this independently, or can be supported to do this by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare’s SusQI experts, by:

  1. Enrolling key staff in the SusQI Academy
  2. Running a Green Ward Competition
  3. Creating a Sustainability Fellowship or Scholar Programme within their institution

SusQI academy Green Ward competitionsustainability fellows

Resources to embed Sustainability into Quality Improvement