What we do

Since 2008 the Centre has been exploring methodologies and metrics that can help to transform models of care.  We work with key partners to engage healthcare professionals, patients and the wider community in understanding the connections between health and environment, and to reduce healthcare’s resource footprint.  

Our range of programmes seeks to inspire healthcare professionals to develop sustainable models of care. We provide tools and resources to empower and enable individuals and groups to make their own changes and we work with them to transform practice. Recognising that the natural community of practice in healthcare is most often the specialty, the Centre has developed its, much acclaimed, clinical sustainable specialties programme.

We also run the NHS Forest which carries out practical work on the empirical links between health and the environment. The NHS Forest works with healthcare professionals and organisations to make their green spaces available to local communities, patients and staff.

Our four principles of sustainable clinical practice are: 

  1. prevention
  2. patient empowerment and self care
  3. lean systems
  4. low carbon alternatives

We believe that including sustainability and resource stewardship in quality improvement provides a practical way for health professionals to respond to ethical challenges such as climate change and social inequalities. CSH and partners have developed a simple approach for incorporating sustainability into mainstream healthcare quality improvement methodologies, which we have called the ‘SusQI’ framework. 

To read more about our projects, please visit the pages in the right hand menu, or download our prospectus below. To read about why we've decided to focus in sustainability within healthcare, see our blog: We're healthcare professionals - of course we care about carbon!