Sustainable Healthcare Education

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CSH's Sustainable Healthcare Education network invites health professional/medical school curriculum leads, heads of department, teaching faculty and interested students, to a one-day masterclass on “Sustainable Healthcare Education” on Tuesday 11th September 2018, in London. Register here.

The General Medical Council recognises the responsibility of doctors to improve the sustainability of healthcare, and the need for medical education to equip them with the knowledge and skills to do this: medical schools have until summer 2020 to ensure that their curriculum meets the GMC ‘Outcomes for graduates 2018', which require that “newly qualified doctors must be able to apply the principles, methods and knowledge of population health and the improvement of health and sustainable healthcare to medical practice.”

This one-day masterclass is designed for health professional educators and students to develop skills for integrating planetary health and sustainable healthcare into existing curricula and teaching. The focus is on the constraints of the undergraduate medical course but the perspectives and techniques are equally applicable to all health professions and to the postgraduate level.

Course objectives: 

Attendees will

  1. be introduced to the priority learning outcomes for sustainable healthcare education, developed at the request of the GMC and published in the Lancet and relate them to their educational context;
  2. through critical appraisal of case examples, discuss how existing modules can be enhanced to include the core concepts of sustainable healthcare such as disease prevention, patient education, efficiency and low environmental impact alternatives;
  3. develop evidence-based strategies to create the necessary changes at their medical school so that they are acceptable to faculty, clinical educators, students and patients;
  4. have the opportunity to join a network of like-minded educators with shared access to a range of supportive educational resources.

Download full details and programme below.