Sustainability Support for Clinical Commissioning Groups

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can reduce NHS carbon emissions by improving the sustainability of their in-house operations. More importantly, through commissioning they can influence provider organisations and embed the 4 principles of sustainable healthcare:

  1. Prevention
  2. Patient empowerment
  3. Lean care systems
  4. Low carbon alternatives

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare can assist CCGs to manage their corporate greenhouse gas emissions and to design and commission carbon-efficient services by:

  1. Measuring the CCG’s greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Offering sustainability input to one or more services currently under review by a CCG
  3. Offering training packages to support CCG staff in commissioning for sustainability and in embedding this across all operations
  4. Supervising a clinical sustainability scholar placed within a commissioning team

Improving the sustainability of services will help ensure that services minimise waste and maximise efficiency and resilience. It will ensure that services are focused on bringing maximum value to the local population and therefore fulfil the aims of their Sustainability/Green Plan

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“Thank you everyone at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare for your timely support, expertise and advice towards our first carbon footprint exercise and our Sustainability Management Plan.  The workshop sessions were extremely useful in training our staff and further developing a sustainability approach via the Management Plan. Our strong joint working has enabled us to improve overall sustainability performance as evidenced in the Good Corporate Citizen report. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship and embedding sustainability in our commissioning activity.’’    Manizah Imam, Governance Manager, NHS Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group