Sustainable Specialties

sustainable specialties schematicThe Centre for Sustainable Healthcare’s innovative Sustainable Specialities programme inspires leadership and produces practical changes within the healthcare system.

"The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare supports clinicians to take a leading role in galvanising co-ordinated, systematic and evidence based action for sustainable healthcare.

"Their sustainable specialties programmes and their work in medical education are excellent examples of what clinicians need to help them take exemplary action for tomorrow whilst continuing to deliver high quality care for today." 

Dr David Pencheon - Director, Sustainable Development Unit, NHS England & Public Health England

Clinical specialties are uniquely placed to address the financial and environmental sustainability of services – from the design of the clinical pathway to the organisation and delivery of care. The CSH specialty-led approach combines research focused on hotspots or barriers with support for local change, underpinned by wider engagement with national leaders, patients, and relevant environmental organisations and clinical bodies. 

In order to ensure that the programmes are owned and led from within the specialty, CSH has pioneered the Sustainable Specialty Fellowship, which takes the best individuals and invests intensively in them as highly trained catalysts for the long term transformation of the area. Each Fellow is a clinician from within the speciality. Employed and managed by the Centre they also study for a research degree. We help them to identify an area for research within their Fellowship which relates to the programme of work, and a suitable academic institution to supervise the degree. 

**See our guide to Setting up a Sustainability Fellowship or Scholarship Programme**

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