Clare Morgan

W.I.S.E. Sustainability Scholar in Ophthalmology

Clare was appointed in March 2019 to CSH as the first Scottish Scholar in Sustainable Ophthalmology as part of CSH's W.I.S.E. (Welsh Ireland Scotland England) scholarship programme. Her scholarship is sponsored by Bausch + Lomb. As her scholarship project, Clare will roll-out the Eyefficiency tool across a few Scottish sites to measure productivity, carbon and cost of their cataract surgery.

Clare graduated with honours in medicine and BSC in biomedical science from Aberdeen. After her medical studies, she did a teaching focused academic foundation program in Northern Ireland that involved teaching in Queens University Belfast, then took a year out to study for a diploma in Tropical Medicine in Liverpool and volunteer as an expedition doctor in Nepal with Raighle International. Subsequently, Clare worked one year as Ophthalmology trainee in Ayr before moving up to Inverness.