NHS Sustainability Day 2021: how to take action as an individual, team or trust

What a year to be thinking about the sustainability of the NHS. All of those of us working within our National Health Service have a huge amount to be proud of given the progress made in terms of NHS sustainability despite the strain on health services caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thank you all for the work you have been doing despite the challenging conditions. 

Learn about the 2022 NHS Sustainability Day here

What is NHS Sustainability Day on 4th June?

This day firstly provides a platform to showcase some of the work that is happening in the health sector and secondly suggests ideas to NHS employees on actions to take on a range of topics, from nutrition to energy production. 

This year NHS sustainability day has been moved to the 4th June to link in with the World Environmental Day. This acknowledges that sustainable development not only relies on social and financial sustainability but also fundamentally includes environmental issues. 

What is happening on the day?

In keeping with the rest of this years switch to virtual events, the Sustainability Day of Action 2021 will be hosting live webinars on the 4th of June

They have invited industry leaders, sustainable business developers and influencers for sustainable development to discuss new technologies, innovations and strategies that we should implement within the NHS to become a more sustainable organisation.

  • Part One - Driving a Greener Transport System within the NHS, 4th June 10:00am-11am
  • Part Two - Sustainable Nutrition – Taking a Bite Out of NHS Carbon Emissions, 4th June 12:30pm-1:30pm
  • Part Three - Powering the NHS towards Net Zero - 4th June 3:00pm-4:00pm 

More information on the Sustainability Day of Action can be found here.

What actions can I take for NHS Sustainability Day?

Aside from the actions promoted by the NHS sustainability team we also would like to share some ideas for the Centre of Sustainable Healthcare that you can take on NHS sustainability day.

As an Individual

Complete this free environmentally sustainable healthcare module on the e-Learning for Healthcare Platform, and/or register for one of our courses in sustainability, health and healthcare.

As a Team

Download the Biodiversity & Green Space digital tool kit

Start a Quality Improvement project to improve sustainable healthcare delivery using the free SusQI website learning resources.

As a Trust

Ask your trust to run a Green Ward competition, an award-winning, tried & tested leadership and engagement programme to transform healthcare by cutting carbon, improving patient care and staff experience, and saving money. You can view previous impact reports and case studies, here.

Tag us on social media @sushealthcare with your NHS Sustainability Day actions!

By Dr Rosie Spooner, CSH QI Education Fellow.