Sustainability Series: Green Nephrology Guides

Our Green Nephrology guides support you to implement simple but significant changes to make your renal unit more sustainable.

Green Nephrology: Improving the Sustainability of Kidney Services

This month we’ve been looking at how kidney care is being transformed to become a more environmentally and financially sustainable specialty. Renal units across the country have saved carbon, money and time, and have improved patient experience while they’re at it.

Many of these interventions have been developed with CSH, and we are pleased to now launch our Green Nephrology Guides. As well as reducing carbon emissions, these interventions reduce costs by increasing efficiency, save time and improve patient experience.

Click below to learn more about the five main areas for change: 

Procurement                  Waste Disposal                  Energy       

     Water                  Remote Disease Management

We've also made these downloadable as pdf files, so feel free to share round your units.

If you have any questions, would like further advice on implementing such interventions, or have experiences of sustainable kidney care you would like to share with us and the Green Nephrology Network, please contact  

1. Procurement

Green Nephrology Guides: Procurement

PDF icon green_nephrology_guide_procurement.pdf

More info:

PDF icon case_study_central_manchester_university_hospitals_haemodialysis.pdf

2. Waste Disposal

Sustainability Series Green Nephrology Guides: Waste Disposal 1

Sustainability Series Green Nephrology Guides: Waste Disposal 2

PDF icon green_nephrology_guide_waste_disposal.pdf

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3.  Energy

Sustainability Series Green Nephrology Guides: Energy

PDF icon green_nephrology_guide_energy.pdf

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4. Water 

Sustainability Series Green Nephrology Guides: Water

PDF icon green_nephrology_guide_water.pdf

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5. Remote Disease Management

Sustainability Series Green Nephrology Guides: Remote Disease Management

PDF icon green_nephrology_guide_remote_disease_management.pdf

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