Green Ward Competition

What is the Green Ward Competition? 

The Green Ward Competition an award-winning, tried & tested leadership and engagement programme to transform healthcare by cutting carbon, improving patient care & staff experience and saving money. 

The Green Ward Competition can be run for individual healthcare organisations or at a localregionalnational or international level.

CSH facilitators (all of whom are both healthcare professionals and sustainability consultants) work directly with participating teams to develop, run and measure their sustainability projects.  A quality improvement approach, especially devised to include an environmental element, is used as a method of change.  CSH work with Trusts to spread projects locally and nationally, drawing on our strong clinical and sustainability networks.  

Engaging people, Stimulating great ideas, Catalysing real changes.

"A hospital is people, much more than it is buildings, machines or techniques - which are only valuable in relation to the women and men who use them."  Any Ward, Any Hospital by Roger Grainger (drama therapist, hospital chaplain, author) 

What is distinctive about the Green Ward Competition?

  • Our people make us stand out.  Our team combine the rare mix of those who are healthcare professionals and are sustainability consultants.  We embody Sustainable Healthcare!
  • Our Sustainable Quality Improvement (SusQI) methodology that we use is a powerful mechanism of change.  
  • The programme is bespoke and is tailored to the needs in your Trust.


Good relationships with our partners are what make Green Ward work and what makes it fun!  Our partners have written to let us know how much they appreciate our work; do read their testimonials to find out what they have to say about Green Ward and CSH.


  • Participants in the Green Ward Competition have been winners in the NHS Sustainability Day Awards for 2 years running in 2018 & 2019.​​
  • In 2019 a team was a finalist in the prestigious HSJ Value Awards in the category of Emergency, Urgent and Trauma Care Efficiency Initiative of the Year.

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What are the benefits of the Green Ward Competition?


  • Builds key relationships between departments, including with clinical staff, who are key in making a sustainably-run hospital a reality.
  • Running the competition helps fulfil SDAT goals in many areas including sustainable care pathways, our people, carbon/greenhouse gases, sustainable use of resources, utility use and travel.


  • Suitable for aspiring and established leaders wishing to broaden their skill and knowledge to encompass sustainability.
  • Education on 'What is Sustainable Healthcare?'.
  • Specialist advice from experienced clinicians (who are also Sustainable Healthcare Consultants) on 'How to make your service more sustainable' (in workshops and during the competition).
  • Training and mentoring in sustainable quality improvement and change management.
  • Help in measuring the impact of your project including selecting and tracking relevant outcome measures, calculating the carbon footprint, financial savings and evidencing benefits to your team & your patients. 
  • A chance to showcase your work at a judging and awards ceremony and gain the support of members of the senior leadership team at your Trust to take forward your project in a way that would not usually be possible.
  • Certificate for participating in the national Green Ward Competition programme.
  • Opportunity to win £500 to invest in sustainable healthcare projects in your clinical area.


  • Projects that lead to increased environmental sustainability and social sustainability (staff & patient wellbeing) often lead to financial savings.
  • Strong invest-to-save project with an average of £6 saved for every £1 spent.
  • Many of the projects generate cash-releasing savings.

Quality Improvement:

  • Sustainability is established as a domain of quality improvement.  In many Trusts the concept of sustainability (environmental, social & financial) is not integrated into the QI methodology.  The competition demonstrates how sustainability can be threaded through existing QI programmes, strengthening QI at the Trust, powerfully engaging teams and leading to greater value gained from projects.
  • Please visit our Sustainability in Quality Improvement page for more in-depth information.

Senior Leadership Team:

  • Participating in the competition has benefits for staff education and morale.  Staff often report a confidence boost and feeling both valued and empowered to make further changes.  For some staff the recognition in the competiton has led to them receiving further development opportunities in their role, which has increased their job satisfaction.
  • Running the competition and your Trust creates strong interdisciplinary relationships, especially between clinical and non-clinical staff, that are vital for sustainable healthcare systems to develop and thrive.
  • Join leading Trusts in working to reduce your environmental impact & in building resilient communities fit for current and future challenges.


How it Works


  • CSH offer guidance and materials for recruitment and can also run an online recruitment event.
  • CSH facilitate up to 6 x 90 minute bespoke, interactive, online workshops for teams over 2 days.
  • Workshops run January-April & September-October, with recruitment starting 2-4 months prior to workshops.
  • During workshops the facilitators use a range of methods to help teams generate ideas for a sustainability project in their ward or department.
  • Teams run projects over 10 weeks with mentoring from CSH, during which teams make a change and measure impact (including the carbon footprint).
  • At a Trust-wide online, interactive award ceremony a cash prize is awarded to the team whose project has made the greatest impact in increasing the sustainability in the Trust, or has the greatest potential to do so.
  • CSH support Trusts in spreading the highest quality projects ideas.
  • The programme runs over a 10-12 month period.
  • Following the programme CSH can build on the success of the competition by helping organisations or groups to develop their capability in delivering sustainable services (please contact us for more information).

Impact Reports & Case Studies

2020 Projects

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust click here

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trusts click here

2019 Project Phase

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust; Year 2 'Hotspot' - poster presentations, a bonus poster from the Green Anaesthetic Team and the full impact report.

Barts Health NHS Trust click here

2019 Spread Phase

Reports demonstrating sustained impact for University Hospital Southampton and Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust COMING SOON!


Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust click here

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust click here

Ashford & St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust click here


Impact reports and case studies from competitions in earlier years have been archived.  Previous competitions were run at a number of organisations including; The Whittington Hospital, University College London Hospital, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.


For more information, and for current prices, please email our Clinical Programme Director, Dr Olivia Bush: