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Our goal is to inspire, empower and mobilise decision-makers, staff, patients and carers to reduce the carbon footprint of the NHS by 80% by 2050 and improve health. We promote four core approaches: maintaining people's health/slowing the progress of illnesses; providing patient-centred care; developing leaner pathways of care and reducing the carbon impacts of care. 

“The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is a unique and pioneering organisation, doing work that's essential to help us move towards a healthier society and healthier health services!” 

FY1 doctor and CSH supporter

CSH has already influenced government policy, contributed to curriculum change in UK medical schools, won awards for the NHS Forest project and been cited in the influential Marmot Review for the Clinical Transformation Programme.

Funding for our core costs is entirely provided by donations and project-focused support. 

What your money will support

The NHS Forest project supports healthcare sites in improving the quality of their green space for the benefit of patients, health staff and local residents and for greater biodiversity. This aids physical and mental wellbeing, as well as providing a carbon sink when trees are planted. Over 79,000 trees have been planted so far by over 200 sites around the UK.

A regular donation of £10 a month could pay towards our work to engage and advise NHS organisations and supply them with free trees in the tree planting season. 

The Sustainable Specialties Programme is intended to create networks of green champions sharing ideas to save resources, cut carbon emissions and pioneer better healthcare. CSH started this work in kidney care and 85% of NHS kidney units signed up to our renal network. More recently we established a mental health network with support from the Royal College of Psychiatry and have pioneered the Green Ward Competition as an award-winning, tried and tested programme for healthcare organisations to transform their services by cutting carbon, improving patient care and staff experience and saving money. 

A regular donation of £18 per month for 12 months plus Gift Aid will support a CSH Sustainability Network for a month.

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