Green Ward Competition

"The project allowed us to spend more time with patients and to give them more attention and proper care." 

 Cristian Jupoiu, Nurse, Ashford and St. Peter's NHS Foundation Trust


Green Ward Competition projects saved an estimated £83,862 and 21,046 kg CO2 at Ashford and St. Peter's NHSFT 

The Green Ward Competition is an award-winning clinical engagement programme for NHS Trusts wishing to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.  CSH staff work directly with ward and unit teams to develop, run and measure their sustainability projects to deliver savings both for their immediate service and for the Trust.  Additional support can be made available to roll-out one of the projects across suitable wards/units.

How it Works 

  • CSH helps clinical teams identify and take forward a cost-saving sustainability project in their ward or department over a couple of months 
  • A prize is awarded to the team whose project has had the greatest impact on improving sustainability or which shows the best potential for future impact 
  • Staff are supported to develop the winning or most generalisable project into a case study which is can then be rolled out across the Trust in suitable wards or units
  • The launch or prize giving can be linked to NHS Sustainability Day, Earth Day or World Environment Day

CSH provides

  • Guidance on running the competition, including recruitment of clinical teams, appointment of judges and criteria for judging entries 
  • Branded e-materials, such as posters, leaflets and template letters
  • Up to 8 one-hour, tailored Sustainable Action Planning workshops for each team spread over 2 days (maximum of 4 a day)
  • In person support on the Trust site either to support ward recruitment OR to help teams with project implementation and trouble shooting
  • Information and support by phone and email, including contacts, links to relevant resources and assistance with demonstrating social, environmental and financial impacts
  • A senior CSH staff member to join the judging panel
  • Roll-out support to develop the winning or most generalisable project into a case study which is then rolled out across the Trust.  Feedback is used to edit the project design and to develop it into a case study for other Trusts.

"The competition allowed our team to consider the savings in energy, time and patient care. It was good to see the impact clinical staff can have on saving costs while protecting the environment."

Clare Tull, Senior Nurse, University Hospitals Southampton 


The Green Ward Competition found £96,495 and 25,775 kg CO2 at University Hospitals Southampton for which it won an NHS Sustainability Award in 2018.

The Green Ward Competition is run at a cost of £4,850 for the Competition and £2,450 to support the roll-out of either the winning project or the project with the greatest potential application across a range of wards/units.  Including £500 of prize money to be reinvested in sustainability, the total cost per Trust is £7,800.   Cost savings from Competitions run in from 2016-18 show annual savings of over £90,000 per Trust.

There is an electronic leaflet available here PDF icongreen_ward_competition_nhs_trust_leaflet.pdf.

Here are some example reports from Trusts which show the projects and savings:

PDF icondg_green_ward_evaluation_report_2016.pdf

PDF icongreen_ward_competition_uhs_evaluation.pdf

PDF iconasp_green_ward_competition_evaluation.pdf

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