Sustainability Series: Sustainable Occupational Therapy Resource Map

Sustainable Occupational Therapy Practice: Resource Map

Welcome to the OT Susnet Resource Map page.  We hope that this page will be useful in providing a general introduction to sustainable healthcare and sustainable occupational therapy practice resources.  If you think there are any resources that could be developed and added please get in touch with Niamh Allum or Ben Whittaker

What is sustainable healthcare?

Sustainable Healthcare can be defined as ‘care delivered in a way that does not adversely affect the health of the population and does not use resources in a way that may compromise the ability of those in the future to provide high quality care to their population or increase the burden of illness’ (Centre of Sustainable Healthcare 2017).


Key articles

What is sustainable health?

Learning objectives for sustainable healthcare

Managing the health effects of climate change

Sustainability in Occupational Therapy

OT Susnet started in 2009 to allow like minded Occupational Therapists to share best practice and knowledge of sustainable practices. For more information about the OT Susnet, please click here.

Occupational Therapy Sustainability National and International Association papers

World Federation of Occupational Therapists – Ethics, Sustainability and Global Matters

World Federation of Occupational Therapists - Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Practice within Occupational Therapy

World Federation of Occupational Therapists - Sustainability Matters: Guiding Principles for Sustainability in Occupational Therapy Practice, Education and Scholarship

Royal College of Occupational Therapists – Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

Swedish Association of Occupational Therapists – Sustainable Development

Some articles from OT journals:

Occupational Therapy and Environmental Sustainability – Aoyama 2014

A call for sustainable practice in occupational therapy - Dennis et al. 2015

Sustainable occupational responses to climate change through lifestyle choices – Hocking and Kroksmark 2012

How to contribute occupationally to ecological sustainability: A literature review - Wagman 2014

Sustainable Global Wellbeing: A Proposed Expansion of the Occupational Therapy Paradigm - Whittaker 2012

A more in depth reading list will soon be released and will be added to the page here.

Key Susnet posts:

10:10 Occupational Therapy Checklist

Sustainability Series: Occupational Therapy: Improving Lives, Saving Money, Reducing Carbon

5 ways to integrate sustainability into your 2018 Occupational Therapy practice

Want to be an eco warrior in your hospital or team?


Future proofing occupational therapy in mental health through sustainable commissioning

Quality Improvement: creatively designing sustainable services