Fellows and Scholars

As part of our Sustainable Specialties programme, CSH has supported and on occasions hosted Fellows and Scholars. These Fellows and Scholars gain a unique opportunity to learn about sustainability, develop skills in leadership and quality improvement, and contribute to an exciting new dimension of healthcare. On return to clinical practice, they become life-long ambassadors for sustainability within their specialty.

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To discuss creating a Sustainability Fellowship or Scholarship programme with your organisation, please contact hazel.walsh@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk.

SusQI and Education Fellows

  • 2023-24 Dr Ayoma Ratnappuli
  • 2022-23 Dr Alice Clack
  • 2021-23 Shashank Kumar
  • 2021-22 Dr Victoria Stanford
  • 2020-21 Dr Rosie Spooner
  • 2019-20 Dr Stuart d’Arch Smith

Surgery Fellows

  • 2022-23 Mr Ife Osinkolu (Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow)
  • 2018-22 Dr Chantelle Rizan

Dentistry Fellows and Scholars

  • 2022-23 Dr Jenny Girdler
  • 2020-21 Amarantha Fennell-Wells (Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow)
  • 2017-19 Darshini Ramasubbu
  • 2017-18 Sara Harford
  • 2015-16 Dr Devika Vadher, Dr Divya Verma

Cancer care Fellows and Scholars

  • 2023-24 Dr Fatima Tahir, Louise Davey-Hewins
  • 2022-23 Joshua Cartwright

Anaesthesia and ICU Fellows and Scholars

  • 2021-23 Dr Jason Gandhi
  • 2022-23 Dr Becca Elson
  • 2020-21 Dr Chris Allen
  • 2019-20 Dr Cathy Lawson

Endoscopy Fellows

  • 2021-23 Robin Baddeley

Kidney care Fellows and Scholars

  • 2022-23 Dr Luis de Mello, Joanne Martin, Gareth Murcott, Dr Rosa Montero, Dr Sharan Chugani
  • 2010-11 Dr Tara Collidge
  • 2009-10 Dr Andy Connor

Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board Scholars

  • 2023- Esther Tobarra Sanchez, Thomas Downs, Rhiannon Facey-Richards, Joanne Sullivan, Sheshigiri Rau Pasunuru, Charlotte Pritchard

Paediatrics Fellows

  • 2023-24 Dr Emma Vittery
  • 2022-23 Dr Emily Parker
  • 2021-22 Dr Stacey Harris (Welsh clinical leadership)

Value Based Health Care Fellow

  • 2022-23 Michelle Dunning

Ophthamology Scholar

  • 2022-23 Ellie McCance
  • 2020-21 Aijing Wang
  • 2019-20 Alex Chiu, Clare Morgan

SFERIC (Sustainability Fellowship for Engagement, Research, Innovation and Co-ordination) Scholars

  • 2022  Jackie Reynolds, Sian Jones, Vanessa Curtis, Laura Burton, Catrin Simpson, Jennifer Jenkins, Anna Gilfedder, Jessica Notzing, Jane Boult

General Practice Scholars

  • 2015-17 Dr Salini Balendra
  • 2016-17 Dr Jonathan Rocks
  • 2014-15 Dr Charlie Kenward, Dr Mark Statter

Psychiatry Fellow and Scholars

  • 2016-17 Dr Emma Brandish, Dr David Gregory, Dr Shiva Marjani, Dr David Mclaughlin
  • 2015-16 Dr Arif Ahmed, Dr Suhana Ahmed, Dr Oliver Bashford, Dr Mike Pearce
  • 2013-15 Dr Daniel Maughan