Fellows and Scholars

As part of our Sustainable Specialties programme, CSH has created full- and part-time roles for clinicians. These Fellows and Scholars gain a unique opportunity to learn about sustainability, develop skills in leadership and quality improvement, and contribute to an exciting new dimension of healthcare. On return to clinical practice, they become life-long ambassadors for sustainability within their specialty.

To discuss creating a Sustainability Fellowship or Scholarship programme with your organisation, please contact frances.mortimer@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk.

Sustainable Quality Improvement Education Fellow 2023-2024

Ayoma is an HIV/Genitourinary Medicine specialist registrar who has taken a year out of training to take up the post of Sustainable Quality Improvement Education Fellow at CSH 2023-2024. Ayoma will be working alongside the team to embed and spread SusQI into undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Mr Ife Osinkolu
Welsh Clinical leadership fellow 2022-23

Ife is a general surgery trainee who has taken a year out of training to be the Welsh clinical leadership fellow in sustainable health care. He will be joining the effort to meet the ambitious target of a net zero for carbon emissions within NHS Wales by 2030. He will be working on quality improvement projects that increase the use of low carbon alternatives within surgery and promoting sustainable healthcare within the NHS.

Dr Alice Clack
Sustainable Quality Improvement Education Fellow 2022-3

Alice is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who since CCST has worked in The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone as a specialist and educator, and with Chelsea and Westminster NHS trust and Betsi Cadwaladr NHS trust as a Locum Consultant. She will be supporting the CSH's SusQI Education project, which seeks to promote, and support the inclusion of SusQI into postgraduate and undergraduate clinical education. Alice has a background in climate activism, and is currently working with other Obstetricians and the RCOG to create a movement towards sustainable Obstetric care. 

 Jenny Girdler
Clinical Leadership Fellow in Net Zero/Sustainability in Dentistry

Jenny is taking a year out of oral surgery specialty training to undertake a fellowship with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare through the Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber Future Leaders Programme. Jenny has a particular interest in embedding sustainability into dental training programmes through education, quality improvement projects and curriculum reform.  

Joshua Cartwright
Sustainability Fellow in Adult Oncology

Joshua is a doctor working at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care in Newcastle upon Tyne. He has a background in Physics and worked in the energy sector before studying medicine. His interests lie at the intersection of transport, health and the environment. During his fellowship year supported by Newcastle Hospitals Charity, Joshua will be carbon footprinting patient pathways within the Oncology service and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Dr Jason Gandhi
Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia Fellow 2021-2

Jason is currently an anaesthetist taking time out of training, currently undertaking this joint fellowship between the CSH, association of Anaesthetists and Newcastle Upon Tyne hospitals. Jason has a particular interest in the way water pollution can affect our health with environmentally unsustainable practises. His work will focus more around the impact of propofol as well as continuing the work on with the volatile anaesthetic gases contribution to climate change. 

Robin fellow bio
Sustainable Endoscopy Research Fellow

Robin is a specialist registrar in gastroenterology, and research fellow at St Marks and Kings College Hospitals. He is undertaking a dedicated period of research on the topic of sustainability in endoscopy.

Luis de Mello photo
CSH/UKKA Sustainable Kidney Care Group Scholar 2022-3

Luis is a doctor based at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in the North East of England, who has been selected as a Scholar in Sustainable Kidney Care as part of CSH's and UKKA's group scholarship programme. He has a background in Diagnostic Radiography and studied medicine at Newcastle University.

Joanne Martin
CSH/UKKA Sustainable Kidney Care Group Scholar 2022-3

Joanne is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who works in Renal Services at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust in the North West of England. Her background is in dialysis and most recently in peritoneal dialysis. Joanne has been selected as s a Scholar in Sustainable Kidney Care as part of CSH's and UKKA's group scholar programme to look at the patient pathway in peritoneal dialysis, identifying hotspots and looking at ways of improving the carbon footprint.

Gareth Murcutt photo
CSH/UKKA Sustainable Kidney Care Group Scholar 2022-3

Gareth is an experienced Renal Technical Manager at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, where he has worked since 1996. As a Scholar in Sustainable Kidney Care as part of the CSH and UKKA group scholar programme, he aims to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and evaluate the carbon footprint of dialysis acid concentrate, comparing its delivery via central acid versus the traditional 5-litre can.

Dr. Rosa Montero
CSH/UKKA Sustainable Kidney Care Group Scholar 2022-3

Dr. Rosa Montero, a Kidney Consultant at St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been appointed as a Scholar in Sustainable Kidney Care as part of CSH's and UKKA's group scholar programme. She is currently focused on driving sustainable changes in dialysis and kidney transplantation both locally and nationally.

Sharan Chugani
CSH/UKKA Sustainable Kidney Care Group Scholar 2022-3

Dr Sharan Chugani is a renal specialist registrar at Swansea Bay University Health Board with experience working across a variety of hospitals across Wales. He has been appointed as a Scholar in Sustainable Kidney Care as part of CSH's and UKKA's group scholar programme, and is an active member of the green community in his health board.

Dr Emily Parker
Sustainability Fellow in Paediatric Medicine

Emily is a junior doctor working at the Great North Children's Hospital in Newcastle. She has a background in Social Anthropology and has volunteered providing medical care to refugees across Europe. She is interested in the links between migration, public health and climate change. During her fellowship year supported by Newcastle Hospitals Charity, she plans to focus on sustainable paediatric asthma care, green spaces, and carbon footprinting medicines.

Ellie headshot

Ellie is a ST3 Ophthalmology Trainee, currently working in North Wales. She is a pro-active member of the Wrexham Maelor Green Group, and has recently been inspired by the work and activities surrounding the Green Surgery Challenge. She is motivated to carry forward projects to transition towards a circular, more sustainable healthcare economy, and strive towards greener cataract surgery.

Rebecca elson
Sustainability Fellow in Anaesthetics/ICU

Becca is a Junior Clinical Fellow in Anaesthetics/ICU at East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust. She is passionate about delivering more sustainable healthcare to improve the long term health of patients and the planet. She has a particular interest in the carbon footprint of anaesthesia and how we can improve our practice in theatres and ICU to minimise healthcare’s impact on the environment.

Michelle dunning
Sustainability Fellowship within Value Based Health Care

Michelle works in Hywel Dda University Health Board as a Senior Project Manager for Value Based Health Care. She has worked within a variety of clinical, administrative, and managerial roles within the NHS, over the last 29 years. Her Bevan Exemplar project, VIPAR (Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation), won national and international awards; as well as being published, and Michelle presented the project at the Senedd and at the Planetary Health Alliance Conference (2018). Michelle encourages collaborative working and has a keen interest in all four Principles of Sustainable Clinical Practice.

QI Education Project

Victoria is a junior doctor trained in Severn Deanery and has recently completed a Masters of Public Health at the French National School of Public Health(EHESP). She will be supporting the SusQI Education project in delivering SusQI training in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Victoria has a background in advocacy and is an active member of Medact, having previously led Medact Bristol and their clean air campaign.  

Dr Stacey Harris
Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow 2021-2

Stacey is a paediatrician and Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow in Sustainable Healthcare 2021/2022. She has an enthusiasm for quality improvement (QI) work and a keen interest in Medical education, in 2019 she co-founded a paediatric medical education podcast called DragonBytes. Stacey will be building on her medical education and QI work during this year by working to embed sustainability within quality improvement training and medical education.

Fellow in Sustainable Healthcare Education

Shashank is a Senior Lecturer (on leave) at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, India. He coordinated the 2020 launch of CSH's online courses and is conducting his PhD dissertation research "Enacting Medical Education for Climate Change Mitigation in England: Lessons from Professional Practice" for CSH and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

jackie sferic
SFERIC scholar 2022

Jackie Reynolds has been a Pharmacist since 1990 with her early career in Community Pharmacy. For the last 16 years she has worked in Primary Care, and shares her time between Aneurin Bevan University Health Board as a Prescribing Advisor and Oakfield St Surgery as a Clinical Practice Pharmacist. Her interest in respiratory medicine began in 2013 when she qualified as an independent prescriber which encouraged her to go on and complete a Respiratory MSc in 2019.

sian sferic
SFERIC scholar 2022

Sian Jones is the Interim Operational Manager within Clinical, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Clinical Board. She has been in post since February 2021, coming from a role in the health board’s HR department.  She attended the Green Health Wales awareness session in 2021 and this inspired her to help bring sustainability to the board and incorporate it into the IMTP agenda and plans for CD&T. Plans include setting up Sustainability Champions within departments and integrate this thinking into working practice.

Vanessa curtis
SFERIC scholar 2022

Vanessa Curtis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent her childhood travelling and going to school in Malawi, Tanzania and Chile as her father worked for the United Nations. In 2003 she moved to Wales and attended the University of Glamorgan where she completed her BA Hons degree in Adult Nursing in 2006.  Her first nursing job was on a surgical ward specialising in Urology followed by several years in Vascular surgery and since 2010 she has worked in Dermatology.

Laura Burton
SFERIC scholar 2022

Originally from Glasgow in Scotland I have lived and worked in Wales for almost 4 years now and very much see Wales as ‘Home’. Currently working in a dual role as the Dragons Heart Institute Innovation and Leadership Fellow and ENT Registrar at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. I am interested in the development of sustainable working within ENT and the wider surgical team. My aim is to help enact real-world changes which improve the service and experience for both our patients and staff within the NHS.

Catrin Simpson
SFERIC scholar 2022

Catrin is a Community Paediatric consultant. She is the Clinical Lead for Sexual assault Referral Centre (Ynys Saff) and Regional Lead for Paediatric Sexual assault services. Her commitment to sustainability enables her to make sustainable choices both at home and in work practices. 

Jennifer Jenkins
SFERIC scholar 2022

Jennifer Jenkins is an Anaesthetic Operating Department Practitioner (ODP), working in main theatres in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Jennifer’s interests lie in sustainable healthcare and making more sustainable choices in the theatre environment. 

Anna Gilfedder
SFERIC scholar 2022

Anna is a CT1 in Anaesthetics at University Hospital Wales. She enjoys running, cycling, and socialising. I first became interested in sustainable healthcare when she was working in ICU and in theatres during foundation training, seeing the amount of single-use material we use and considering how we could improve on this. She is also interested in problematic NHS supply chains, and how we can take more responsibility in tackling this issue. 

Jessica Notzing
SFERIC scholar 2022

NHS is the biggest employer in the UK and Jessica thinks our current working practices mean we are a good distance away from net zero. Her area of interest is the amount of refuse we create and the lack of correct disposal. She works in ICU and renal medicine and sees every day what gets put in orange bins, items which could be recycled or disposed of in ‘alternative’ bin. She believes that to become carbon neutral we need to do the big things, but starting to change attitudes on smaller things, such as waste disposal will make a massive difference. 

Jane boult
SFERIC scholar 2022

Jane is a Procurement Business Manager in Wales Shared Services Partnership.  Jane's work focussed on in the Supply Chain and she is interested in changes that can have significant impact on the environment. Her current interest is in repurposing expired equipment or replacing items for those with a more sustainable approach.

QI Education Fellow 2020-21

Dr Rosie Spooner is a Paediatric Trainee (St5) in Severn Deanery who has taken up the post of QI Education Fellow at CSH from 2020-2021, working with universities and postgraduate education programmes to support the integration of sustainable healthcare into Quality Improvement teaching. She comes from a background in environmental activism and previously established a hospital allotment society whilst a medical student in London.

Sustainable Surgery Fellow 2018-21

Chantelle joined CSH in September 2018 as the first Sustainable Surgery Fellow, facilitated by Health Education England and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The Fellowship enabled her to study for a PhD at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, using carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment methods to identify carbon hotspots within the operating theatre, and to evaluate alternative products and processes with lower environmental impact.

Chris Allen
Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia Fellow 2020-21

Chris is an anaesthetics and intensive care medicine trainee, currently undertaking the Fellowship in Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia with the CSH and the Association of Anaesthetists in Newcastle upon Tyne. Chris will be continuing to promote strategies to reduce the impact of anaesthesia on the environment, with areas of focus including nitrous oxide usage, alternatives to anaesthetic gases, and reusable vs disposable equipment. He will also work with the Association's

Amarantha Fennell-Wells

Amarantha Fennell-Wells graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2016 and completed the full three years of Dental Core Training in a variety of specialties: paediatric, special care and hospital dentistry; dental public health; and an on-call rota in oral and maxillofacial surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia Fellow 2019-20

Cathy is an anaesthetic and intensive care medicine trainee in the North East. Her interest in environmental sustainability took off when she was elected as a member of the Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) committee at the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA). Cathy sat on the AoA Environmental Task group  for three years, and through this learnt about how the anaesthetic speciality impacts on the environment and sustainability.

W.I.S.E Sustainability Scholar in Ophthalmology

I'm a ST2 ophthalmology trainee in Wales deanery. I am the second Welsh scholar in sustainable ophthalmology whose scholarship is sponsored by Thea pharmaceuticals. For the scholarship this year (2020-2021), I'm looking forward to expand and build on the work completed by my predecessor, Alex Chiu. I will be using the 'Eyefficiency' app tool to collect data on the efficiency, cost and carbon footprint of cataract surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, I will be looking into carbon footprint of disposable tonometer heads used in ophthalmology clinics.

W.I.S.E. Sustainability Scholar in Ophthalmology

Alexander was appointed in August 2019 to CSH as the first Welsh Scholar in Sustainable Ophthalmology as part of CSH's W.I.S.E. (Welsh Ireland Scotland England) scholarship programme, sponsored by Thea pharmaceuticals. He is currently a ST6 trainee in wales deanery. Alexander will be involved in rolling out the use of the Sustainable Cataract Surgical Services Auditing tool ‘Eyefficiency’ in the ophthalmology departments in Wales, helping units to improve productivity, cost, and carbon footprint of their cataract care.

CSH Fellow in Education for Sustainable Healthcare 2019-20

Dr Stuart d’Arch Smith is a specialist registrar in psychiatry with South London and Maudsley NHS trust and is on sabbatical with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) to conduct an education fellowship.

W.I.S.E. Sustainability Scholar in Ophthalmology

Clare was appointed in March 2019 to CSH as the first Scottish Scholar in Sustainable Ophthalmology as part of CSH's W.I.S.E. (Welsh Ireland Scotland England) scholarship programme. Her scholarship is sponsored by Bausch + Lomb. As her scholarship project, Clare will roll-out the Eyefficiency tool across a few Scottish sites to measure productivity, carbon and cost of their cataract surgery.

Clinical Fellow in Sustainable Dentistry (Dental Public Health) 2017-19

Darshini joined the CSH in September 2017 to undertake projects that promote sustainability in the provision of dental care, and her scholarship is additionally hosted by Health Education England. She is a practising dentist who has recently completed her Masters in Dental Public Health, and hopes to pursue further training in this area. The projects she has been involved through the scholarship include developing a guide for dental practices and exploring the inclusion of sustainability in dental education.

Clinical Fellow in Sustainable Dentistry (Dental Public Health) 2017-18

Sara is a practising dentist working for the community dental service and in general dental practice, with a special interest in anxiety management and conscious sedation. Through this scholarship hosted by CSH and Health Education England she is keen to explore ways into how dental care provision can become more sustainable and enhance her knowledge of Dental Public Health and policy change.

Severn Deanery GP Sustainability Scholar 2015-17

Salini is a GPST3 trainee in the South West, and is the sixth Sustainability Scholar in the Severn Deanery School of Primary Care since 2010. Salini has a particular interest in social prescribing and developing a more sustainable approach to managing chronic health conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes...

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2016-17

Dr Emma Brandish is a higher trainee in General Adult Psychiatry, based in Salisbury. Her scholarship is hosted by Wiltshire County Council working with both the local Public Health team and the Clinical Commissioning Group. Clinically she has interests in quality improvement, behavioural change and the comorbidity between mental health problems and substance use...

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2016-17

David is a higher trainee in General Adult Psychiatry working in Brighton for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. He is interested in exploring a sustainable approach to mental health service commissioning, and is working with Brighton and Hove CCG on a number of projects over the coming year.

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2016-17

Shiva is a higher trainee in Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities in Oxford and previously worked in emergency services for a number of years prior to joining Psychiatry training. She is one of five Scholars working one day per week on sustainability in mental health in 2016-17, and is looking forward to applying sustainability principles to the bio-psycho-social model of psychiatric care, as well as in clinical leadership and management.

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2016-17

David is a psychiatry trainee in South East London. Through his scholarship, he is working with a rehabilitation team at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to pilot the use of videoconferencing to reduce travel and increase contact with patients placed out-of-area.

Severn Deanery GP Sustainability Scholar 2016-17

Jonathan is a GPST3 trainee. Currently based in Somerset, he is very keen to discover more about sustainability in primary care and in turn have an impact in this area. Jonathan is on the South West GP trainee committee and also represents trainees at the Somerset LMC. He has recently completed an MSc in topical medicine and international health. 

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2015-16

Arif is an old age psychiatry trainee in the north west. He was a GP for several years prior to his switch to mental health. He was one of four RCPsych scholars in 2015-16 and is working in tandem with Liverpool CCG on sustainable mental health (until the conclusion of his scholarship in October 2016). He is particularly interested in physical health outcomes in psychiatry and directing healthcare towards the community and primary care. 

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2015-16

Suhana is a dual higher trainee in old age and adult psychiatry, based in South London. Prior to working in mental health, she spent a few years training in A&E. Through the Scholarship, she worked with Brighton & Hove CCG to incorporate aspects of sustainability into their commissioning for homeless people...

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2015-16

At the time of his scholarship, Oliver was an ST6 in Older Adult Psychiatry, based in South London. His special interest is in sustainable healthcare and through the Scholarship he worked with City and Hackney CCG to implement a sustainable approach to commissioning in the mental health crisis pathway.

Read Oliver's mid-scholarship progress report on Psych Susnet here.

Severn Deanery GP Sustainability Scholar 2014-15

Through the scholarship, Charlie worked with the National Union of Students to lead the development of Green Impact for Health, an online evidence-based toolkit for sustainable action in general practice. He also formed a quality improvement team within his own practice which ran a project to improve the pre-operative care pathway for their patients.

RCPsych Sustainability Scholar 2015-16

Mike is a Higher Trainee in Psychiatry. In 2014 he became a sustainability representative after being recruited by MH Sustainability Fellow, Daniel Maughan. In this role he helped contribute to the Sustainability in Psychiatry Occasional Paper 57, and did research on reducing local did-not-attend rates...

Severn Deanery GP Sustainability Scholar 2014-15

Mark co-designed the National Union of Students'  Green Impact for Health online toolkit, which provides a programme for sustainable action in general practice. The team successfully piloted the scheme with seven GP practices in the South West, and presented 2 posters at the RCGP annual conference, as part of a national roll-out.

KSS Dental Public Health Scholar in Sustainable Dentistry 2015-16

In September 2015, Devika joined CSH to undertake projects in Kent, Surrey and Sussex promoting the role of sustainability in the provision of dental care. She is a practising dentist and Dental Public Health core trainee and, in addition to the Scholarship, was concurrently studying for an MSc in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene...

KSS Dental Public Health Scholar in Sustainable Dentistry 2015-16

Divya is a dentist working within community and  prison dental services. Among her achievements as Sustainable Dentistry Scholar 2015-16 was the successful integration of sustainability across a number of the e-Learning for Healthcare dentistry modules. Other sustainable dentistry interests include the collection/recycling of nitrous oxide, and tele-dentistry. 

RCPsych Research Fellow in Sustainability 2013-15

In 2013-15 Daniel took two years out of specialist training in psychiatry to work with CSH and the Royal College of Psychiatrists on sustainability in mental health, while studying for an MD at Warwick University.

Achievements as Fellow have included...

Green Nephrology Fellow 2010-11

Tara continued the work in kidney care through a six-month Fellowship in 2010. She supported ongoing work by Green Nephrology local representatives, documented additional case studies, organised a joint meeting on telemedicine with the RSM Nephrology Section...

Green Nephrology Fellow 2009-10

In 2009, Andy became the first ever Sustainable Specialties Fellow, when he completed a one-year programme working with CSH, the Renal Association and other partners on sustainability of kidney care. Andy founded the Green Nephrology network and recruited staff representatives in 80% of kidney units, carried out a national survey, published four detailed case studies of sustainable practice and undertook pioneering research into the carbon footprint of haemodialysis as part of his MD at Warwick University...