Anaesthesia and ICU Fellows and scholars


Dr Jason Gandhi

Dr Jason Gandhi


Employed by Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

Funded by the Association of Anaesthetists

Peer-review articles

1) Efficiency of inhaled anaesthetic recapture in clinical practice. Comment on Br J Anaesth 2022; 129: e79–81

2) Gandhi, J. and Baxter, I. (2022), The accuracy of ventilator logbooks in calculating environmental burden of inhalational agents. Anaesthesia, 77: 1304-1305

3) Jason Gandhi, Iain A. Walker, Patient monitoring techniques, Surgery (Oxford), Volume 40, Issue 6, 2022, Pages 370-377

Non-peer review articles

1) Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) of a Mapleson c circuit as an example of a common piece of single use equipment used within anaesthetics link

2) Flow of admissions to intensive care from general theatre recovery link

3) Anaesthesia News Sustainability Edition co-editor February 2022

4) World Anaesthesia Day blog on fellowship link

5) Association for Peri Operative Practice , the innovation, people and practice magazine. January 2023. Issue 31. 

Summary: Jason produced and facilitated an International Anaesthetic sustainability course, re-introduced the green star award for national anaesthetic conferences, authored a number of publications in high impact journals, worked with industry to assess novel technologies to mitigate climate impact, investigated current practices to reduce environmental burden, presented at national conferences, and worked with anaesthetists across different sites to investigate the applicability of volatile capture devices Jason played a role in the decommissioning of Desflurane as this process required an intense amount of research to negate any perceived clinical benefit in its use, and demanded a shift in culture

Dr Becca Elson

Rebecca elson


Employed by East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust 


-Removal of piped nitrous oxide from Colchester theatres (except maternity). This project saved up to 596,000 Kg CO2e, nearly £6,000 financial saving plus maintenance costs and inspired enthusiasm for sustainability in the hospital. Patient care and outcome was maintained.

-Removal of Desflurane from Colchester Hospital Anaesthetic department. This project saved up to 142,000 Kg CO2e and gave over £15,000 financial benefit. Patient care and outcome was maintained.

-Switching from single use cardboard to reusable drug trays. This project saved 10,422 Kg CO2e annually and over 32,000 trays were saved from incineration. The financial benefit came in at over £1,500 a year. Staff felt enthused and saw what could be achieved. Patient care and outcome was maintained.

-Introduction of recycling in theatres and ICU. This piece of engagement work saw education for staff and increased disposal and recycling bins. Staff were pleased with this change. Having a fellow to drive these much wanted changes was valued.

-Carbon footprinting TIV A vs Sevoflurane general anaesthetic. This work is due to be published.

-Carbon footprinting Sevoflurane with LMA general anaesthetic vs Prilocaine spinal anaesthetic. This work is due to be published.


Becca undertook a raft of practical projects with the support of CSH, which showed how practical changes can be made and inspired colleagues to get involved. Her work carbon footprinting various anaesthetic methods, and projects showing how to replace Desflurane and reduce Nitrous Oxide wastage have contributed to the growing evidence and awareness of sustainability in ICU and Anaesthesia. 


Dr. Chris Allen

Chris Allen


Chris undertook the Fellowship in Environmentally Sustainable Anaesthesia with the CSH and the Association of Anaesthetists in Newcastle upon Tyne. Chris continues to promote strategies to reduce the impact of anaesthesia on the environment, with areas of focus including nitrous oxide usage, alternatives to anaesthetic gases, and reusable vs disposable equipment. 

Dr. Cathy Lawson


Cathy's interest in environmental sustainability took off when she was elected as a member of the Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) committee at the Association of Anaesthetists (AoA). Cathy sat on the AoA Environmental Task group  for three years, and through this learnt about how the anaesthetic speciality impacts on the environment and sustainability.