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Bee HealthyBee Healthy Project Guide. Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2020) 



Space to breathe Space to Breathe. Valuing green space at NHS sites for staff wellbeing. Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2020)



green walking guideGreen Walking in mental health recovery: A Guide. Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2020)



CSH 10 year impact

10 year Impact Review. Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2018)



Carbon modelling within dentistry: towards a sustainable future. Public Health England and Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2018)



Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Eye Motility Services at Moorfields Eye Hospital and its Satellite Clinics. Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2018)



Guidance for Commissioners of Financially, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Mental Health Services (future proofing services). Joint Commissioning Panel for Mental Health &  Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2015)


CSH report 2014Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Report (2014)



Promoting Value, Protecting Resources - a doctor's guide to cutting waste in clinical careProtecting Resources, Promoting Value: a doctor's guide to cutting waste in clinical care. Maughan, D. & Ansell, J.  Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (2014)



Facing the future: Sustainability for the Medical Royal Colleges. Maughan D & Gibbs R, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (2014).



Sustainable System-Wide Commissioning - Guide for CCGs. Written and researched by Forum for the Future, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, March 2013.


Sustainability in Psychiatry, Royal College of Psychiatry Occasional Paper 97 (2015). Maughan, D.



Unhealthy Investments Fossil fuel investment and the UK Health Community. Published jointly by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, MedAct, Healthy Planet UK, Medsin and the Climate and Health Council (2015) 


The carbon impact of health services: Using data to inform service design through service-line footprinting. Royal College of Psychiatrists Occasional paper OP89 (2013).



Carbon impact of mental health services: case study: A service line analysis of Nottinghamshire Healthcare's Carbon Footprint. Stancliffe R, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (2012).



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Sustainability in quality improvement: redefining value. Mortimer F, Isherwood J, Wilkinson A, Vaux E. Future Healthcare Journal, 2018 Vol.5(2):88-93
Sustainability in quality improvement: measuring impact. Mortimer F, Isherwood J, Pearce M, Kenward C, Vaux E. Future Healthcare Journal, 2018 Vol.5(2):94-97

The Sustainable PhysicianMortimer, F. Clinical Medicine (2010), Vol 10, No 2: 110-11

Should doctors lead on Sustainability? Stancliffe, R. Bhutta, M., BMJ Opinion (2013) July 1st 2013 blog

We can rebuild it? Developing sustainable healthcare for our future. Burnham, A. Howe, A. Stancliffe, R. Roundtable report: New Statesman and Pfizer policy forum (2013)

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Healthcare’s response to the climate emergency: what would Greta say?, Szymankiewicz J, BMJ Opinion (2020) March 2nd 2020 blog

Kidney care

Case studies:

Heat exchangers in HD machines achieve significant environmental and cost savings. Campbell F, Milne S, Connor A, Stevens P. Presented in abstract form at the Renal Association May 2010.

Toward Green Dialysis: A Case Study to Illustrate and Encourage the Salvage of Reject WaterConnor A. Milne S. Owen A. Boyle G. Mortimer F. Stevens PE. Journal of Renal Care 2010;36(2),68-72. 

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Research outputs:

The Carbon Footprints of Home and In-centre Maintenance Haemodialysis in the UKConnor A, Lillywhite R, Cooke MW. Hemodialysis International 2011 15 (1), 39 - 51. doi: 10.1111/j.1542-4758.2010.00523.x.

The Carbon Footprint of a Renal Service in the United Kingdom. Connor A, Lillywhite R, Cooke MW. Quarterly Journal of Medicine 2010 103 965 - 975.

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Cumulative Savings from Green Nephrology Innovations. Mortimer F, Stott I, Connor A. Poster presented at Renal Association – British Transplantation Society Congress, March 2013.


NHS could save £1bn by adopting green strategies used in kidney units. Limb M. British Medical Journal 2013;346:f588 doi: 10.1136/bmj.f588

Green Nephrology: Reducing kidney care’s carbon footprint.  Connor ABritish Journal of Renal Medicine 2010;15(1).

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