Who we are

CSH team photo

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) is a registered charity that develops knowledge and resources to support the NHS and other health systems to reach net zero carbon and wider sustainability.

Founded in 2008 by Rachel Stancliffe and Muir Gray as The Campaign for Greener Healthcare, it is now one of the world's foremost institutions for sustainable healthcare in research and practice. Our staff and trustees draw on experience in public health, clinical practice, environmental consultancy, research and policy to integrate sustainability into health system planning and professional practice. We work to bring people together across sectors and to provide strategic input and consultancy to national and local programmes.

Our Sustainable Specialties and Sustainability in Quality Improvement programmes are designed to mainstream sustainability within clinical areas so that it is integral to the planning of health systems and the practice of healthcare professionals. This is supported by our work in education and carbon modelling of clinical care.

Our greenspace projects, especially the NHS Forest, assist organisations to improve their natural environment and reconnect their staff, patients and the wider community with their local greenspace to benefit their health.

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