Sustainable Occupational Therapy Practice: Resource Map

If you would like to learn about sustainable healthcare and sustainable Occupational Therapy practice, these are the key learning materials to get you started. If you think there are any resources that could be developed or added please get in touch Vivien De Greef or Ben Whittaker. 

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The Climate Emergency

If you would like to find out more about the planetary health emergency and what you can do to take action check out our climate emergency page. This is filled with tips and ideas of actions you can take, as well as links to further reading.

What Is Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable Healthcare can be defined as ‘care delivered in a way that does not adversely affect the health of the population and does not use resources in a way that may compromise the ability of those in the future to provide high quality care to their population or increase the burden of illness’ (Centre of Sustainable Healthcare 2017). Find out more about Sustainable healthcare and how we can achieve it by watching this presentation by Rachel Stancliffe (Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare).

Key Articles

Sustainability In Occupational Therapy

OT Susnet is a network for occupational therapy practitioners, students, and educators who are interested in sustainable practice. By registering to the Occupational Therapy Susnet network (it’s free!) you can gain access to valuable resources, write posts and start a conversation about sustainable occupational therapy practice. 

Click here to register and stay up to date with the latest sustainable occupational therapy news.

Occupational Therapy Sustainability National and International Association papers    

Sustainable Occupational Therapy Journal Articles:


Key OT Susnet Posts

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