Founder and Director of CSH

Rachel has a Human Sciences degree (Oxford) and a Master’s degree in demography and epidemiology from the London School of Economics. She worked in public health initiatives in the UK, Georgia and Kazakhstan before helping to develop The Cochrane Library during the first decade of its life.

Medical Director

Frances led the development of CSH's principles of sustainable clinical practice and the innovative Sustainable Specialties programmes. She has a particular interest in engaging health professionals in clinical transformation and sustainable leadership.

Clinical Programme Director

Dr Olivia Bush is the Clinical Programme Director at CSH leading our national transformation programmes that help Trusts move towards integrating sustainability into every decision taken in the organisation.  She worked as a hospital doctor for 13 years, specialising in palliative care and was selected for a clinical fellowship in early phase in oncology trials and as a visitor at Ethox Centre for Bioethics, both at Oxford University.


Stefi co-founded the Sustainable Healthcare Education network to integrate sustainability and health into medical, nursing and allied health professional education.  She teaches global health at Queen Mary University of London, development studies at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, and violence prevention at the Medical Peace Work Partnership, University of Bergen, Norway. Previously she led public health teaching at Norwich Medical School. She has degrees in medical history (UC Berkeley) and international public health (UCLA).

Finance Director and Carbon Consultant

In addition to her pivitol role as Finance Director, Ingeborg leads on and has developed the specialist area of carbon modelling and triple bottom line analysis in healthcare.  Inge holds a Master’s degree in Analysis for Healthcare Decisions at the London School of Economics and London School of Hygiene.  Ingeborg also advises on sustainable food.  After a first degree in nutrition, she worked in an Integrated Rural Nutrition Programme in Zambia.  She now serves as a member of the steering group for 'Good Food Oxford', Oxford’s sustainable food network. 

ben whittaker photo
Occupational Therapy Programme Lead

Ben is a senior occupational therapist working in mental health services with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  He holds an MSc in Health through Occupation from the University of Brighton.  Leading the Centre’s occupational therapy programme, Ben looks for sustainability principles to be integrated into OT education and practice.  He co-ordinates the 600+ strong network, teaches about sustainable OT practice and links in with the College of Occupational Therapists and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.

NHS Forest Coordinator

Sarah has developed the NHS Forest since its inception in 2009. She is an experienced sustainability advisor, with an MA in environment and development from Kings College, London. She has worked extensively in the state sector, including for DEFRA and also worked for an environmental consultancy.

NHS Forest and Greenspace programme lead

Carey has worked extensively as a consultant in social and environmental policy, including for Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, the Department for Transport and Local Trust. She has an MSc in Environmental Psychology and a doctorate in Cultural Geography. Carey formerly worked at the Campaign for Better Transport where she led many programmes to support walking, cycling and public transport through best practice. She began her career in journalism and broadcasting.

NHS Forest and Greenspace Project Officer

Andriele is our NHS Forest and Greenspace Project Officer. She has a Master of Science in Global Health from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from the University of Utah. She has previously worked as a medical assistant and public health researcher. She is interested in combating cultural and social barriers to accessing healthcare and creating sustainable systems that promote good health among all, including vulnerable populations.  

Head of Fundraising

Jacqueline is a fundraiser with extensive experience of the third sector. She worked for Oxfam for 10 years, managing the organisation's Trusts and Institutional funding, and as a freelance fundraiser. Most recently she set up fundraising for an Oxford-based theatre, and advised a national charity on fundraising for dementia care before joining CSH

picture of James Szymankiewicz
Director of Strategy and Partnerships

James is our Director of Strategy and Partnerships.  He is a GP in North Devon who has worked in healthcare commissioning for several years.  He brings extensive experience in partnership working with roles including current Chair of Devon Nature Partnership and Chair of the North Devon GP Collaborative Board.    He believes there is an urgency with which we need, as a society, to transition to true sustainability and to deliver this will require system change.  His focus is on delivering effective change through a collaborative, cross sector approach. Twitter @Drjamesszy

Communication Lead

Vivien is our Communication Lead at CSH with experience in digital marketing campaigns and communication. She holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and has practiced in rural areas, created national disaster relief programs in Madagascar, and facilitated island-wide cleanup campaigns in the Caribbean. Her passion is sustainability and inspiring people and organizations to take action for the climate. 

Siobhan QI Education Lead
QI Education Lead

Siobhan is our QI Education Lead at CSH working on a national project supporting the integration of sustainability into quality improvement healthcare education. She is a registered nurse with a background in emergency nursing, primary care, clinical research delivery, management and teaching. Siobhan graduated from the NIHR Advanced Leadership Programme in 2019. She is the founder of the grass-roots movement Parents for Future in Norwich and also co-founded Eco Action Families.

GP Volunteer

Tamsin is a newly qualified GP in North London who is working with the CSH to design a course on sustainable primary care. She is a North East London RCGP Faculty Sustainability Scholar, works with the RCGP's climate emergency policy group and is part of the Greener Practice network. She's looking forward to spreading the word and supporting GP practices to make effective changes for more sustainable primary

Sustainable Operating Theatres Network Manager

Charlotte is a trainee in paediatric surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. In 2018-19, she is working with CSH alongside our Sustainable Surgery Fellow, Chantelle Rizan, to expand and develop the Sustainable Operating Theatres network.