Sustainable Dentistry How-to Guide: Webinars

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in partnership with Health Education England is hosting a webinar series to launch our how-to guide for sustainable dentistry. The webinars will introduce sustainability in healthcare and dentistry, and each webinar is worth one hour of verifiable CPD.

The first webinar focussed on the topics of energy, biodiversity and greenspace. Speakers included Dr Brett Duane, Associate Professor in Dental Public Health at Trinity College Dublin, Dr Frances Mortimer, Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Dr Gavin Ballantyne, an ecologist and lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University. Mr Miguel Colaço, Principal Dentist of Honeycomb Dental Clinic, discussed creating a sustainable dental practice - ranging from installing solar panels to reducing waste, composting and creating a 'living roof.' (The action starts from 3 minutes, 25 seconds on the recording below!)

For the second webinar, we teamed up with NUS and Public Health England (East of England) to launch the East Anglia pilot of the Green Impact programme for dental practices, which links to the guide. Speakers were Dr Sara Harford, CSH/HEE Sustainable Dentistry Scholar 2017-19, Charlotte Bonner, Sustainability Innovation Manager at NUS, and Dr Frances Mortimer, Medical Director at the Centre For Sustainable Healthcare:

Tony Ryan, a professor of polymer chemistry at the University of Sheffield, has worked with plastics all his life and is leading a research project looking at how dentists could make better use of it.