Individual guidance to setting up Green Walking

I’m ready to set up a Green Walking group on my ward. How do I get started?

We’re very glad to hear that you want to start a Green Walking group 

The information that you need to facilitate this can be found within the Guide to Green Walking in Mental Health Recovery, which you can download for free here

What funding might I need for Green Walking groups?

Green walking is a low-cost intervention which uses available time and human resources efficiently.  Some groups have hospital volunteers co-facilitating to support staff numbers.  You may want to access funds for certain items, but these may also be available for free.  For example, some wards have set up donation schemes for wet weather gear. 

How do I get support with Green Walking groups?

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare hosts a monthly Green Walking Networking Group meeting.  This provides peer support for people running or wanting to set up a Green Walking group on their ward.  You can find more information and free registration here

You can ask questions about Green Walking in Mental Health Susnet and/or the Green Space for Health networks here

Green Walking is working well in my setting- how can I scale it up?

Once the efficacy of your green walking group is apparent, other local wards may want to replicate this.  Green walking could grow into the group programme on all the wards of your hospital.  Speak to your line manager or service lead about the development of further green walking groups. 

If you would like Green Walking to be integrated across your Trust/Health Board, throughout inpatient services and across other mental health services, then CSH can provide oversight of this initiative.  Email  with any queries about your Green Walking programme.