Block booking courses

Sustainable transformation across an organisation requires staff engagement and training. Our series of short courses cover the ‘why and how’ of sustainable healthcare, and build carbon literacy and understanding of the wider environmental impacts of the health sector. Courses provide staff with the motivation, skills and support to initiate and deliver innovative low carbon healthcare projects that support your Green Plan. 

Course structure 

  1. Self-study: a package of engaging and interactive self-study materials in bite-sized chunks which staff can work though at their own convenience. This requires 4-6 hours to complete 
  2. Workshop: a 4-hour live online workshop with national experts to help participants apply theory to practice and design sustainability projects
  3. Mentoring: online Sustainable Healthcare Cafés are offered throughout the year to help you share your project findings and get further advice. 

Block booking discounts

Organisations can purchase places for a specified number of staff to access the courses best suited to their skill level and specialty.

Foundation Courses Block Booking Prices

Technical Courses Block Booking Prices

Commissioned courses

We can provide a new course date to train your staff together, facilitating network building across your organisation. These can be tailored to address local issues.  Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements: 


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