Lancet Commission Case Studies

The Lancet Commission on Sustainable Healthcare (LCSH) launched in 2023 with the goal of defining the key elements of a rapid, effective, efficient, and just transition to low-polluting, sustainable, resilient health systems across high- middle- and low-income settings. One workstream of the LCSH focuses on how prepared health system are for climate and pollution related changes, disruptions, and shocks. Currently there is a lack data about what is going on in real healthcare settings. 

The LCSH is currently welcoming case studies to help supplement our understanding of how health systems around the world are taking action on sustainability. 

The Lancet Commission for Sustainable Healthcare Call: Submit your case study by 30th April 2024

Do you work in healthcare? Have you got a sustainability story to share? Your experience can inspire others and shape healthcare for the future.

What sort of projects can be submitted?

The commission are interested in the breadth of global effort that have either been necessary to adapt to climate change, ecosystem disruption and related human health challenges, or that seek to mitigate future disruption through reducing the impact of healthcare.

Whether your case is a successful project, a transformative strategy, or a challenge filled journey, the LCSH is inviting submission of Case reports from projects large and small, and all regions of the globe.

Projects may fall into two categories:

  • Mitigation Where the focus is on reducing future climate change. For example reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing patient travel, or education around appropriate disposal of medication.
  • Adaptation approaches that centre adaptation, risk management, and resilience-building in the face of climate change and ecosystem disruption.

Topic areas might include: 

  • Innovations related to streamlined or sustainable models of care. 
  • Opportunities for public/preventative health, and patient empowerment. 
  • Projects related to healthcare estates and facilities, energy, waste, catering or nutrition, travel and transport.
  • Successful efforts to improve the sustainability of supply chains, procurement or prescribing practices. 
  • Projects related to strategic ambition, workforce education and training, or funding/financial mechanisms.
  • Experiences of disaster risk reduction and management.

Why submit your case study?

Your submission will be used to help the LCSH make recommendations on how to set the research and policy agenda for the field of sustainable healthcare for the next decade, toward the structures and actions necessary for sustainable healthcare transformation.

By submitting your case study you will:

  • Contribute to collective knowledge on the structures and actions necessary for sustainable healthcare transformation.
  • Showcase your project globally.
  • Help shape recommendations on research and policy for the coming decade.

The centre for sustainable healthcare is supporting and hosting the Lancet Commission call. With your permission we will include your submitted  case study in our Resource library (link is external) 

Where can I submit my case report?

We ask you to provide information about your project in a standardized format. This allows us to summarise cases most helpfully.  

Please fill in the case study submission form here

For advice on filling in this Case Study Submission form, please click here

Please submit your case study before the 30th August 2024. 

If you would like further information or require support with submission, please contact:
Chloe Saunders, volunteer at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare at