Foundation Courses

These courses all offer an introductory-level overview of the field. If you work in one of the specialties listed below, please join that course as it is tailored to your field, offers many specialty-specific examples, and allows you to network with peers.  If your speciality is not listed below,  Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare will give a broad overview, with a focus on secondary care, links to examples in many specialites, and networking with a wide range of health professionals.

If you have already signed up, access your course here.

Course Titles

Course Format

Self-study  A 6-hour interactive online package with case studies which opens 6 weeks before your workshop. After working through the materials you are invited to identify a sustainability project you would like to undertake in your setting (optional). You will have access to the self study materials for 6 months after the workshop. 

Workshop  A 4-hour small group online workshop facilitated by national experts to answer questions and help you design and implement a sustainability project. 

Mentoring  Quarterly 1-hour 'cafés' offer a friendly and informal setting in which to build networks and receive/offer advice from experts and peers on sustainability projects. Foundation course participants can attend as many sustainable healthcare cafes as they wish to. Technical course participants will be invited to a follow up session specifically linked to their workshop.