Nature Recovery Rangers

Our Nature Recovery Rangers work with NHS partners at healthcare sites to improve the quality of green spaces, and to help integrate nature into patient care, staff wellbeing and community engagement. Their aim is to maximise the role that these green spaces play in the prevention of health issues, supporting positive patient outcomes, recovery, and the creation of a healthier environment. 

We have run pilot programmes at five sites so far – in Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle and two in London. During these pilot programmes, the rangers were based at the NHS sites, but employed and managed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH).  CSH provided a connection to national networks and resources and many opportunities to share ideas and experience with each other and other CSH staff. Their work was overseen on a day-to-day basis by NHS managers at their health sites, ensuring that the rangers’ work was closely tailored to local needs and opportunities, including reaching new sections of their communities and developing the ecological and health value of their sites. We currently have one pilot programme still running in Liverpool.  

We are planning to further develop our Nature Recovery Ranger programme in 2024. To register your expression of interest in the project, please complete our online form. 

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