Volunteers, Interns, Elective Students

The Centre's work has been developed by staff and exceptionally committed volunteers from around the world.  Some have volunteered alongside a regular job, others intensively during the holiday months as a student, and some in their retirement.  All volunteering positions are primarily remote, with optional day visits to our offices in Oxford.  If you would like to help our work, we ask for a minimum commitment of 6 hours per week for 6 months or a 30 hours per week for a period of 4 weeks* 

To apply as a volunteer, intern or elective student please complete this form

The next induction dates are:

  • Monday 25 July (4.30-5.30pm)
  • Monday 12 September (4.30-5.30pm)
  • Monday 24 April (4.30-5.30pm)

If you do not see a suitable date for your elective please contact educationadmin@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk to arrange an alternative. 

Programme Structure 

Induction: You will be invited to an online induction on a start date that you have chosen. Before your induction you will be sent a small package of preparatory instructions and activities. During the induction you will meet the Volunteer Coordinator and Education Director and the rest of your team.  You will be given access to the self study materials for our flagship course Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare. During the induction there may be an opportunity to select your first project/s from a list of options.

Weekly timetable (full-time or part-time):  You will work singly or in pairs on one or several projects, supervised by a CSH staff member, who will meet you weekly for guidance. On Friday afternoons the entire team re-convenes by videocall to share with each other their progress and findings.  New projects are assigned at that time and for full-time placements is not uncommon to work on two or three different projects in a given week. 

*We consider volunteering as an educational experience which is of most use for those who have at least 6 hours per week available. If you are not able to commit this amount of time, but would like to learn sustainable healthcare skills, please visit our free learning modules Building a Net Zero NHS and Sustainable Quality Improvement or join one of our short courses (10-12 hours total).

A few current volunteers are profiled below. Descriptions of student elective and internship experiences can be found here.


Nuala Hampson has been a clinical pharmacist in general practice for over 20 years and an educator for over 10 years. She was previously a senior lecturer in postgraduate clinical pharmacy and independent prescribing at De Montfort University (2010-2016) and is now a senior pharmacist and education supervisor with the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) focusing on the primary care pharmacy education pathway.

I attended the CSH ‘Introduction to Sustainable Healthcare’ course last summer and have felt inspired ever since - turning my longstanding climate frustration into something more productive. I graduated from Glasgow University in 2012; after initially training in general medicine I moved to the GP training scheme in 2018. My training has been punctuated by the arrival of 2 small children who have galvanised my desire to act on the climate emergency.   

Aditi is a graduate of the University of Buffalo, New York, currently finishing up her Executive MBA in Healthcare from the University of Denver, Colorado. After 8 years as a senior speech language pathologist in the US, Aditi moved to France and is looking to find ways in which she can learn and be a part of the movement that brings together the worlds of sustainability and healthcare.  Her areas of interest include project planning of sustainable healthcare spaces clinics and sustainable allied health professionals. 

I'm currently a freelance consultant working on a community research project. I’m increasingly interested in the link between green space and health, the importance of connection to nature and the potential of social prescribing. I have a master’s degree in Town and Regional Planning and spent six years working in Local Authorities on policy and projects around sustainability, energy efficiency, green infrastructure, planning for low carbon development and biodiversity.

My name is Akua Crankson and I am a final year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. I also have a BMedSci in Infectious Diseases. I believe sustainable healthcare is an incredibly important topic and unfortunately, I feel like it is something I have had little exposure to in my medical school course. I am looking forward to learning more about sustainability and climate change in a healthcare context, and what impact current problems have on a local and global scale. 

I'm a pharmacy student at University of Manchester, and have an interest in sustainable healthcare. I'm especially interested in how it links up to pharmacy and role of pharmacist in making changes.

I am a final year medical student at Barts and the London completing an elective at CSH in April 2022. Prior to studying medicine, I graduated with an integrated Master's degree in Medicinal Chemistry from UCL. I have always had an interest in sustainability and hope to better understand how to make healthcare environments more sustainable, taking these skills into my future career.

Currently a student in midwifery, my varied academic background has led me to the field of sustainable health. With two bachelors degrees in sociology and history, I continued my studies at the University of Saint Andrews for a master in sustainable development. 

The theme of sustainable development at the heart of the health system is of particular interest to me. I chose to continue my studies in the health sector in order to have a vision and a field experience with the project of joining the world of research for a future PhD. 


Jenn is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, currently completing an MSc in paediatric dentistry at Ohio State University.  Her research evaluates the carbon footprint associated with paediatric dental care and aims to inform policies to increase preventative measures and decrease the carbon footprint of dentistry.

I work as a midwife in east London based in the community setting, whilst also studying part-time for my second BSc in Environmental Science, focusing on management and sustainability. Having worked within the NHS for the past 10 years, I have developed a new passion for sustainability in healthcare as I have seen the lack of general awareness of its importance within clinical practice. I am excited to develop my role within education as I truly believe ingraining sustainable principles needs to start with our future workforce.

Holistic health student with an interest in Sustainability and Ecology. Combining education with creativity to connect people and nature.

Simran is a final year Medical Student at the University of Southampton. Whilst intercalating she undertook an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at King’s College graduating with the Gold award. She has a keen interest in social advocacy, sustainable healthcare and education; having undertaken several national and international public health projects, including teaching sexual health and consent lessons in London and Kenyan schools and aid work in Calais.

I am a Final Year Medical Student at the University of Southampton with an interest in sustainability and healthcare. I hope to use values and skills developed through medical school to positively impact the environment in my career, with the aim to make healthcare in the UK more sustainable.