Green Plan and Sustainability Strategy Support

Welcome to the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare's resources and support page, dedicated to support healthcare organisations develop and implement their sustainable healthcare strategies and green plans. For over a decade, CSH has worked with healthcare providers, health boards, and trusts to create more sustainable healthcare systems. Our resources, tools, networks, and training programmes can help your organisation to develop and implement sustainable healthcare strategies, measure their impact using 'triple bottom line' metrics, and collaborate with external partners across the wider integrated care system.

“Thank you everyone at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare for your timely support, expertise and advice towards our first carbon footprint exercise and our Sustainability Management Plan.  The workshop sessions were extremely useful in training our staff and further developing a sustainability approach via the Management Plan. Our strong joint working has enabled us to improve overall sustainability performance as evidenced in the Good Corporate Citizen report. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship and embedding sustainability in our commissioning activity.’’

- Manizah Imam, Governance Manager, NHS Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Developing a Green Plan in England

NHS England's 2020 strategy "Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service" and the 2021/22 NHS Standard Contract set out the requirement for Trusts and Integrated Care Systems to develop a Green Plan. We understand the challenges of creating an effective Green Plan and have curated resources that can help Trusts and Integrated Care Systems develop and implement their Green Plan successfully. Our dedicated page provides comprehensive resources, tools, and guidance for implementing a Green Plan in England. 

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Developing a Decarbonisation Action Plan in Wales

To support the NHS Wales Decarbonisation Strategic Delivery Plan, Health Boards, Trusts, and NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) must develop Decarbonisation Action Plans at the local level. We understand that developing a Decarbonisation Action Plan can be a challenging task, and we have curated resources to support the development and implementation of an effective plan. Our dedicated page provides comprehensive resources, tools, and guidance for developing a Decarbonisation Action Plan in Wales.

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Developing a Sustainability Strategy in Scotland

NHS Scotland launched the 2022-2026 Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy in August 2022, outlining five priority areas to assist in achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 and becoming an environmentally and socially sustainable service. Each Health Board is now required to publish an annual report detailing progress towards the goals and targets outlined in "A Policy for NHS Scotland on the Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development" and the actions outlined in the “2022-2026 Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy”. Our dedicated page provides comprehensive resources, tools, and guidance for developing a Sustainability Strategy in Scotland.

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International Support

Healthcare organisations outside of the United Kingdom looking to develop their sustainability plans can also benefit from our resources. We provide a range of tools, guidance, and networks to support organisations in developing and implementing sustainable healthcare strategies. Contact us to discuss how we can support your organisation.

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