CSH Sustainability School

Our Summer Sustainability School will run from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th June 2020 at the Oxford Quaker Meeting House, 43 St Giles', Oxford, OX1 3LW. Join our small group training on specific aspects of sustainability, health and healthcare, in Oxford. The four 1-day training courses are for health professionals, educators, students, sustainability and estates managers and others, and can be attended in any combination. The 4th day, on Carbon Footprinting, is new this summer.  Please hold the dates and we will update this page with details soon.

If you are unable to attend in June, please join us October 12th - 15th.

"A really great two days which were informative, practical and discursive as well as providing lots of opportunity to hear from and connect with other likeminded and sustainability oriented healthcare professionals, highly recommended"

All of our training days include a lunch time walk in green space to allow us all to reflect, refresh and connect with others.

1-day Training course: Leadership skills for sustainability and health

The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) accredited this activity for 5 CPD credits.

An interactive course for public health, other health professionals, trainees and healthcare sustainability managers to develop leadership skills for environmental sustainability within and outside the health and care sector.

Drawing on real-life examples, the course will cover how health professionals can work with partners to incorporate environmental sustainability into public health programmes, healthcare facilities management and clinical care pathways. Intensive, small-group exercises will develop confidence and provide the opportunity to hone leadership skills.

"I would highly recommend the CSH Sustainability School courses. Attending as someone who was interested in environmental sustainability but unsure how to incorporate this into my professional practice, I found it to be a great source of information (and inspiration!). A knowledgeable faculty provide real life examples of how sustainability projects can improve the NHS for patients and the environment. The courses also provide a fantastic opportunity to network with other like-minded health care professionals (when one can sometimes feel like a ‘lone voice’ within a department!)"

1-day Training course: Sustainability in quality improvement

The Royal College of Physicians accredited this activity for 5 CPD credits .

An intensive course to introduce health professionals and educators to the concept of ‘sustainable value’ and the ‘SusQI’ framework for integrating sustainability into quality improvement. Learning from real examples, participants will explore in depth how the framework can be applied in practice to develop preventative, holistic, lean, low carbon care.

SusQI course February 2019: “ I thoroughly enjoyed this study day & would recommend as a must to others! The most holistic approach to QI that I have come across and great to spend the day surrounded by enthusiastic, like-minded individuals. Thank you.”  Fiona Brennan, Consultant Anaesthetist, Cardiff & Vale UHB

"The organisers managed to balance giving us clear, stark information about the risk to human health from climate degradation with constructive and optimistic ideas and strategies about how as clinicians we can positively influence the future direction of the NHS.

There were presentations of projects that have successfully reduced the carbon footprint of clinical pathways. It was refreshing to hear how using CSH’s 4 key principles of sustainable healthcare offers a robust way of integrating important priorities (i.e. impact on communities and the natural world) alongside financial ones, into NHS quality improvement frameworks. Alongside the structured presentations there were multiple opportunities for discussion, networking and socialising outside of the time-tabled sessions.  It was valuable for me to spend time with other people who are dealing with this and who are deciding how they are going to respond."

1-day Training course: Green space and health

Green space contributes to prevention through increasing physical and mental wellbeing and offers people therapeutic benefits for recovery from illness. Research from around the world demonstrates that a 'Green Prescription' can deliver physical and mental health benefits for patients and that this is increasingly being used by healthcare professionals.

Come along to our one day course on green space and health to understand the evidence, learn about different examples of green prevention and therapy and how you can integrate this into your own practice. Aimed at healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care including those working in mental health, rehabilitation, diabetes or musculoskeletal conditions. We would also like to train leaders who want to look after their staff and manage services differently.

During the day we will teach participants about the two-way links between health and the natural environment; share the results of our work looking at use of green space in healthcare settings for patients, staff and the wider community; as well as discuss how to improve the green spaces or set up a green walking project in your organisation.

Programmes from the previous Sustainability School here: