Education and Training For Organisations

Senior Leadership

Net Zero Leadership Workshop

A 2-hour workshop for executives and board members on delivering the NHS Net Zero Plan, what is unique about leadership for sustainability and how to inspire people to lead and measure change.


Sustainability in Quality Improvement (SusQI) Academy

Training and mentoring for QI Leads to embed sustainability into QI education and practice. The Academy includes access to SusQI courses for a year, flexible project mentorship, and access to expert-led SusQI forums for networking and shared learning.

Fellows and Scholars

Train clinicians to become ambassadors for sustainability within a speciality. A Fellow is seconded or employed to work half- to full-time on sustainable healthcare for 1-3 years. Fellowships often include a research element supported by a university partner. A Scholar is allocated 1-2 days per week to work on a Green Plan related project over the course of a year and remains in the host organisation.

Green Team Competition

Six teams from a Trust identify carbon hotspots in their service and then develop, implement and evaluate a sustainable quality improvement project. A cash prize is awarded to the team whose project has the biggest positive impact, and the highest quality projects are recommended for spread throughout the organisation.

Block Bookings

Organisations can purchase multiple places on Foundation and Technical Courses at a discounted rate. Courses provide the knowledge, skills and motivation to initiate and deliver innovative low carbon healthcare projects that support your Green Plan. Each course includes self-study materials, an interactive workshop, and a project mentoring session.

Foundation Courses: Introductory courses exploring the relationship between climate change and healthcare, and practical steps to implement sustainability in healthcare organisations. Courses with a focus on certain topics and specialisms are also available.

Technical Courses: In-depth courses to build skills for planning, delivering and measuring projects, designed for healthcare staff with knowledge of sustainable healthcare.