Dental services have an important opportunity to address the sustainability of services – from the design of the clinical pathway to the organisation and delivery of care.  In 2015-16 CSH undertook a project to measure the carbon footprint of dental services in England. This work is funded by a grant from Public Health England via Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

The report released in July 2018 includes detail from the footprinting exercise which CSH has undertaken and refers to full tables of information which are available to all. It will also be of methodological interest to those working in sustainability or carbon footprinting in areas other than dentistry.

Accompanying the report are:

  • A slide pack summarising the key points of the report which can be used by dental practitioners and those working in public health and sustainability .
  • Dental Susnet - a network for sharing resources and best practice in sustainable dentistry.  

Linked with the carbon modelling work and with our Sustainable Specialties Fellowships we are also hosting 2 dentistry scholars who have been working on a range of projects to raise awareness and increase understanding of sustainability among dental health professionals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The scholars are supported by a Programme Board including the head of dental services for Public Health England, practitioners and researchers.

To help raise awareness of sustainability within dental practice we have produced an online module on sustainability for the wider dental team, available free-to-access for NHS staff as part of the e-Den dentistry e-learning package on e-Learning for Healthcare.