In November, the United Kingdom will host COP26 in Glasgow, bringing together international leaders to address climate change. The UK is pursuing a worldwide agreement to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has been granted Observer Status at the conference, which enables us to play a role in holding negotiators responsible and enhancing the COP26 process's transparency and ensuring key health messages are included. Additionally, the Observer position is critical to ensuring that a broad range of stakeholders from varied sectors have oversight of the negotiations' progress. This will be especially critical for COP26, since it will be the most significant test yet of country promises to more ambitious emission targets that will keep global temperature rise well below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Within the negotiations, health is considered a science priority issue, and the COP26 Health Programme highlights building low-carbon sustainable health systems as one of the event's two key health priorities. CSH is well positioned to represent the sustainable healthcare community and bring your needs to this historic process, given our world-leading work in developing low-carbon, sustainable models of healthcare.

We have produced a consultation document that will enable you to actively contribute to the key messages we will deliver to COP26 as observers. Throughout the two-week timeframe, we will give a health presence at numerous negotiation steps, covering themes ranging from transportation and energy to gender, youth, and public empowerment. 

This consultation document will allow you to share health-specific facts, ideas, demands and messages related to the COP26 priority negotiating topics. We want to highlight how health is interlinked to each of these topics, and what health action, solutions and demands there are for each of these climate-relevant topic areas.  

Contribute to the consultation document, here.

Upcoming COP26 health related events to join

cop2626th October - COP26: Addressing the climate crisis and health | Opportunities to take action

Join us at 09:00-10:00 BST or 18:00-19:00 BST to hear from a number of UK health organisations who are working to address the climate crisis. These short sessions will provide a valuable insight into the different organisations, the type of work they are doing, and how you can get involved. 

  • Health Care Without Harm Europe: Nurses Climate Challenge Europe
  • Students for Global Health: Climate Justice
  • Centre for Sustainable Healthcare: Changing clinical practice
  • Sustainable Healthcare Coalition: Working with the private sector
  • Health Declares a Climate Emergency: Building grassroot activists
  • Medact: Green new deal
  • UK Health Alliance on Climate Change: Harnessing the power of the establishment
  • The Greener NHS Programme

Learn more about this free event, here.

27th October - 17th November - Beyond COP: Conversations to Transform Healthcare beyond cop

Running adjacent to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP), this online series designed by and for healthcare students, seeks to address the lack of coverage of the ecological crisis within the field. Through 4 short online discussions, participants are given the space to start generating the tools necessary to imagine and create transformative change within healthcare training. Based in collaboration and dialogue, the series explores the responsibility of healthcare to the development of its future clinicians as a community. 

Learn more about this free event, here.

4th November - Green Surgery ChallengeGSC button

Coinciding with COP26, the Green Surgery Challenge 2021 is an opportunity for the UK’s surgical community to recognise the value of sustainable healthcare for surgical conditions: to share and promote ways of practising that are less harmful to the environment and our planet and build social sustainability: to continue to transform surgery for the future. Hear from the five teams that are transforming surgery for the future, making their practice more environmentally, socially & economically sustainable!

Learn more about this free event, here.

5th November - Mitigating the environmental impact of healthcare: the interplay of research, industry government, and clinical leadershipbsms event

Brighton and Sussex Medical School will host a virtual panel discussion at the World Health Organization Health Pavilion at COP26, bringing together key international voices from the field of sustainable healthcare to discuss how the environmental impact of healthcare can be mitigated: exploring the interplay of research, clinical leadership, institutions, and industry. Rachel Stancliffe, Founder and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, will participate in the panel discussion to address the role of healthcare education in sustainability.

Learn more about this event, here.

6th November - 2021 Global Conference on Health and Climate Changeconference banner

The 2021 Global Conference on Health & Climate Change with a special focus on Climate Justice and the Healthy and Green Recovery from COVID-19 will convene at the margin of the COP26 UN climate change conference. The aim of the conference is to call on governments, businesses, institutions and financial actors to drive a green, healthy and resilient recovery from COVID-19. The Conference will support and highlight climate action recommendations that promote and protect health. It will also mobilize the rapidly growing movement of health professionals around the world who are now driving ambitious climate action. And it will generate cross-sectoral dialogue focused on integrated solutions for a green, just and healthy future.

Learn more about this free event, here.

6th November - 'Health Bloc' at Global Day of Action for Climate Justicehealth bloc.jpg

People from all over the world will take to the streets on Saturday, November 6th, as world leaders negotiate the global response to climate change at COP26 in Glasgow. Across the UK marches are planned in Glasgow, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Plymouth, Northampton, Bristol, and Brighton. CSH will be joining the marches for climate justice, raising the banner for health justice in the MedAct a ‘health bloc’!

Learn more about the Health Bloc, here.

TBA January 2022 - COP26: Addressing the climate crisis and health | Keeping the momentum going after COP26

What key outcomes from COP26 can health professionals take forward in their organisations and through partnership working and advocacy?

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