CSH celebrates 10 years of Sustainable Healthcare

As the NHS turns 70, CSH turns 10 and the UN warns of climate catastrophe, we want to reflect on the last decade of work and look forward to what lies ahead. Our upcoming 3 part blog series "Past, Present and Future" looks at what the opportunities and threats are facing sustainable healthcare in the coming years and how we can work together to rise to these challenges.

Last week Centre for Sustainable Healthcare turned 10! To celebrate our first decade of working towards more environmentally sustainable healthcare practices, we celebrated by: having a party, producing an impact report, introducing the sustainable clinical specialities in our Sustainability Series. Next up.....our "Past, Present and Future"  blog series will provide an insight into what has already been done and what needs doing. 


On the 1st of November we got together with many of our partners, colleagues and supporters from over the years to share insights and ideas, reflect on successes and challenges. Have a look below photos of the day....