A Call for Mental Health Sustainability Representatives

Tuesday, 19 November, 2013

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is working with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to develop a network of those interested in promoting sustainability in mental health services. Although Mental Health Susnet has been running for some time we are putting out a 'call for sustainability representatives' with an ambition to spread the network to every Trust across the UK. This call is being sent to each mental health Trust sustainability lead and to clinical teams within each Trust. The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the College of OTs have also agreed to put it in their newsletter. Daniel Maughan as the new Royal College of Psychiatrists Sustainability Fellow plans to broaden out this network of mental health professionals interested in sustainability. His aim is to help transform the mental health services and help lead the way in promoting health services that are good for the environment and also good for patients and the communities they live in. Please contact daniel.maughan@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk if you would like to be involved.