Go Green for 2015 - Top Tips for General Practice Teams

Wednesday, 3 December, 2014

Severn Deanery sustainability scholar, Dr. Sara Vogan, supervised by CSH, has produced seven Top Tips for GPs to be more sustainable. The recommendations were presented as a prize-winning poster at this year's Royal College of General Practitioners conference, and are also available as a leaflet.  'More than cycling & recycling', the Top Tips highlight carbon 'hotspots' in primary care and offer solutions to tackle them, showing that sustainability saves us time and money and improves patient care.

The leaflet looks at the carbon footprint of metered-dose inhalers and alternatives. It gives ideas for what to do about single use medical equipment and how to reduce medicine waste. Also covered are the contribution of self-care and wellbeing to reducing resource use, and ways to support patients to have a greener death, for example by using advance medical directives to help them avoid unwanted hospital admissions.

If you are interested, please download the leaflet below.