Blood tests, pyjama paralysis and paper: Green Ward Competition projects at St.Peter’s Hospital

Wednesday, 8 November, 2017

Reducing unnecessary daily blood tests, reducing pyjama paralysis and avoiding abundant paper use for processing patients are among the many projects co-designed by CSH at St. Peter’s Hospital’s Green Ward Competition. Eight wards from across Ashford and St. Peter’s NHS Trust signed up and attended sustainable healthcare workshops with our OT Lead, Ben Whittaker.

Workshops helped clinicians to create new projects that could generate cost and carbon savings to care while improving patient experience and quality of care. The teams with the projects that score highest in all three areas will win investment from the hospital to improve and expand their projects.

Our new workshop evaluation showed that out of the all clinicians who attended workshops, the number of people who reported they understood very little about improving sustainability on their ward dropped from 67% to 5%, and the number of people who felt confident that they could drive sustainability on their ward and explain the process to their colleagues rose from 0% to 55%. All our attendees who provided feedback wrote that the workshop improved their understanding of sustainability. You can see from the smiles that it was a fun time too. That’s what success looks like!

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