Three sustainability courses: education, leadership skills, quality improvement

Thursday, 19 July, 2018

CSH is launching a new Sustainability School and will be running three courses this autumn.

Sustainable Healthcare Education 1-day Masterclass

Tuesday 11th September, London

This one-day masterclass is designed for health professional educators and students to develop skills for integrating planetary health and sustainable healthcare into existing curricula and teaching. The focus is on the constraints of the undergraduate medical course but the perspectives and techniques are equally applicable to all health professions and to the postgraduate level.

Leadership skills for sustainability and health

Tuesday 2 October 2018, Oxford

An interactive one-day course for public health and other health professionals and trainees to develop leadership skills for environmental sustainability within and outside the health and care sector. 

Drawing on real-life examples, the course will explore how health professionals can work with partners to incorporate environmental sustainability into public health programmes, healthcare facilities management and clinical care pathways. Intensive, small-group exercises will develop confidence and provide the opportunity to hone advocacy, partnership working and strategy development skills. Accredited by the Faculty of Public Health for up to 5 CPD credits.

Sustainability in quality improvement

Wednesday 3 October 2018, Oxford

An intensive one-day course to introduce health professionals and educators to the concept of ‘sustainable value’ and the ‘SusQI’ framework for integrating sustainability into quality improvement. Learning from real examples, participants will explore in depth how the framework can be applied in practice to develop preventative, holistic, lean, low carbon care. Approved by the Royal College of Physicians for 6 CPD credits.