Simon Stevens backs a greater public health focus

Sunday, 9 June, 2019

As reported in this weeks' BMJ, Simon Stevens, has said that the NHS will commission public services in areas where local authorities are allocating insufficient funding due to council spending cuts.  Lack of adequate public health services such as smoking cessation, sexual health services and school nursing are leading to increased prevalence of disease in those localities, which has a knock on effect on GP and other services.

The BMJ also reports Simon Stevens raising the profile of the duty of those working in healthcare to take a broader view of health in the country and to take opportunities in day to day interactions by influencing health choices.  "Air pollution, obesity, alcohol, tobacco, poverty - part of our role there is to help advocate for public health policy".

Conversations about Sustainable Healthcare fit this broader remit.  Rember the 4 principles; Prevention, Self-care, Lean, Low Carbon Alternatives.

How can you change your conversations in your department this week to encourage others to take action towards more sustainable healthcare?