AMEE Conference 2020 Glasgow

Thursday, 26 September, 2019

The International Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) will hold its 2020 conference in Glasgow. We are working on the conference theme “Introducing sustainable health care into health professions curricula”, this is an excellent opportunity to develop health messages for COP26 which takes place in Glasgow soon after.

Please consider submitting a proposal for an oral presentation (due 5 Dec), poster or workshop presentation (due 6 Feb). 

Dr SanYuMay and Dr Frances Mortimer delivered an AMEE webinar this week 'Approaches to learning in Sustainable Healthcare and Quality Improvement'. We will post the link to the webinar recording on the SHE network as soon as it is live.

Congratulations to  Prof Brett Duane, Dr Kay Leedham-Green, Dr SanYuMay Tun, and Dr Richard Ayres at their succesful sustainable Healthcare education workshop in Vienna another successful workshop on Education for Sustainable Healthcare the  in Vienna in August