Beyond COP: Conversations to Transform Healthcare

Tuesday, 20 July, 2021

The planetary crisis poses extreme challenges to the provision of healthcare. This attention must also be extended, with equal urgency and vision, to the training of the healthcare professionals inheriting these difficulties. To aid further discussion and empower healthcare students to envision brave new solutions, the CSH network for sustainable healthcare education is offering this free student-led 4-part online series; featuring a broad collective of experts and students, who come together in conversation to examine the relationship between climate injustice and healthcare. 

Mission Statement

Critical coverage of climate change, ecosystem collapse and pollution are lacking in institutional healthcare education. Processes of violent exclusion, both planetary degradation and hierarchical education, have the capacity to alienate and marginalise.

Running adjacent to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP), this online series seeks to address these shortcomings. By bringing students into the conversation and drawing on perspectives from a range of guest speakers, Beyond COP offers a fresh and radical approach to help empower healthcare students in realising their own moral voice. 

Through 4 short online discussions, participants are given the opportunity to start generating the tools necessary to imagine and create transformative change within healthcare training. Based in collaboration and dialogue, the series explores the responsibility of healthcare to the development of its future clinicians as a community. Whilst the series emerges out of a focus on the relationship between planetary and human health, it also draws on an appreciation of how the inherited inequities and instability of our global health system remains rooted in the ongoing impact of colonialism.

Beyond COP is for everyone – but designed by healthcare students for healthcare students. Access to the series is free. We invite healthcare students of all backgrounds and levels to register and join these discussions live.  

Series Timetable


Registration and Accessibility

Access to the series is free. We invite healthcare students of all backgrounds and levels to register and join these discussions live. The main discussion will be held on Zoom, allowing participants who register to interact with speakers. A livestream on YouTube will also run alongside the Zoom event and remain uploaded for future access. We hope you can join us.

Register for the series, here.

Warmth and Solidarity,