Sustainability Fellows Programme - February 2023 update

Thursday, 23 February, 2023

Six Sustainability Fellows began their 12-month programme in August 2022 with CSH. As we reach the halfway point of their programme, we are excited to share the remarkable progress and impact they have made in driving sustainable change within the healthcare landscape. Read on for an update from three of our Fellows on their projects which are bringing us one step closer to a greener, more resilient healthcare system.

Dr Jenny Girdler, CSH’s Leadership Fellow in Net Zero/Sustainable Dentistry, has been involved in:  

  • Leading SusQI teaching programmes for Yorkshire and Humber Dental Core Trainees and Dental Specialty Trainees. Alongside her colleagues Ghazala Ahmad-Mear and Sheryl Wilmott, she is equipping the next generation of dental professionals with the knowledge and tools to integrate sustainable healthcare practices.
  • Educating medical and dental trainees on the principles of Sustainable Healthcare. Her contributions were recently highlighted in the Yorkshire Trainee Forum newsletter, showcasing the importance of embedding sustainability in healthcare education. 
  • Rejuvenating the CSH Dental Susnet Network by establishing a new core working group.

Dr Emily Parker, Sustainability Fellow in Paediatric Medicine, has: 

  • Participated in a captivating BMJ podcast, where she shared insights and perspectives on sustainable healthcare.
  • Calculated a carbon footprint for an admission for iron deficiency anaemia, comparing this to its equivalent in airmiles (a flight from Newcastle to Paris!). She is planning to share her findings as a compelling case study, highlighting the importance of prevention as a sustainable healthcare strategy.
  • Along with a colleague, Alice McCloskey (pharmacist from LJMU), delivered a training session on Kidzmed - how to teach children to swallow tablets - at the CSH Sustainable Child Health pilot course in January. Here is the link to the e-lfh resources which should be widely accessible to healthcare professionals.

Ife Osinkolu, Cardiff and Vale UHB’s Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellow, has:

  • Worked on theatre trials of Hybrid laparoscopic ports, driving innovation towards more sustainable surgical practices.
  • Educated and inspired 1st and 2nd-year medical students at Cardiff University on Sustainable Healthcare and SusQI, shaping the minds of future healthcare leaders.
  • Presented to the November 2022 Welsh Surgical Society meeting on Sustainability within Surgery.

We're incredibly proud of the impact our Sustainability Fellows are making in their respective fields. To learn more about the CSH Sustainability Fellowship program and how to set up a fellowship, please visit this link. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to engage further in our sustainability programmes.