Recent developments in our Sustainability in Quality Improvement programme

Monday, 26 June, 2023

A warm welcome to our Sustainability in QI (SusQI) reference group public representatives

Last month the SusQI team welcomed Andrea Cantrill and Georgina Best to our SusQI reference group, to support the development of our patient and public involvement strategy, represent vital public and patient views and be critical friends across the SusQI programme.

Georgina has a strong interest in and passion for health and environmental sustainability. Georgina currently works for Healthwatch Birmingham and Solihull as a volunteer coordinator, supporting the volunteer team with events and speaking to the public about NHS services. 

‘I am passionate that people should be able to have an input to the care we all receive. I believe everyone's opinion is important to allow for decisions to be made in the best interest of society…I believe by getting many varied opinions we can come to conclusions we may never find from one person's perspective alone. I am very pleased to be joining this reference group as a public representative, and I look forward to learning more and spreading the word about the great work which is being done.’

Andrea is passionate about health and wellbeing and the climate and ecological crisis. She has a wealth of experience in advocating for others, and is currently an officer for Healthwatch Wolverhampton, having also been on the board. She has been involved in Wolverhampton Green Party for over ten years having various officer roles and has done outreach work with XR (Extinction Rebellion) raising awareness of the climate and ecological crisis, campaigned for Greenpeace and is a founding member of Penn Climate Group. A massage therapist by background with personal experience of living with severe rheumatoid arthritis 

‘I was told I would end up in a wheelchair and be infertile I now have a child and cycle everywhere – I want others to know this is an option! I was excited to hear about the work you are doing and to be a voice for the public, especially on waste as I’ve had many conversations with different people about this. I believe grassroots organisations, charities, community groups etc, is where the change will come from and hope big business will follow.’ 

This month we welcome Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) to the SusQI Academy

We are pleased to welcome Cardiff and Vale UHB to our growing community of SusQI Academy members. The SusQI Academy, developed and run by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, is a programme of support designed to help both health-education and health-provider institutions, to embed sustainability into their existing QI teaching and practice. The programme can be tailored to the needs of an institution or an individual, and aims to help you to achieve the following:

  • Develop staff capability in sustainability in QI
  • Support strategic input and QI content review
  • Integrate SusQI into existing course material, and QI frameworks
  • Support with SusQI projects targeting high impact areas
  • Develop links between Sustainability, QI and clinical teams
  • Achieve the criteria for CSH Beacon Site Accreditation

The next intake for the Academy is 9th October 2023, find out more here.

View the recording of last month's SusQI showcase to see how sustainability in embedded in QI teaching and practice

In May 2023 we hosted the Sustainable Quality Improvement showcase, where our inspiring speakers shared how they have embedded sustainability into QI education and practice. Throughout the event, we experienced the transformative power of active listening, breaking habits and embracing a sustainability mindset. Thank you to all the speakers, attendees, and the CSH team for making this event a resounding success! 

View the recording of last month's SusQI showcase to see how NHS Education for Scotland, Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust and Kings College London are integrating sustainability into their QI teaching and practice.