Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) recognises, and values people’s differences and the strength and power of our diverse community will support us all to reach our sustainable healthcare goals. CSH will do all it can to ensure it is committed to diversity in all areas of our work. We believe that we have much to learn and gain from diverse cultures, experiences and perspectives and that diversity will make our organisation more effective.

Commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

CSH is committed to creating and sustaining a positive and inclusive working envioronment for all employees. Our aim is to ensure that all members of staff, volunteers and any members of the wider community that works with or alongside our organisation are equally valued and respected as unique individuals, and are treated as such at all times as part of our fundamental values. Our commitments include:

  • To foster an environment in which individual differences and the contribution of all team members are recognised and valued.
  • To foster an envioronment of belonging for all employees.
  • To provide equality of opportunity to all employees regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other inherent characteristic. 
  • To have zero tolerance for any form of unacceptable behaviour, harassment, discrimination, bullying (including cyber bullying) or victimisation
  • To provide consistent and ongoing training and development opportunities that promotes awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity.
  • To ensure that all compensation practices within CSH are fair and transparent and based on skills, experience and performance without discrimination. 
  • To creating a digitally and physically accessible envioronment that accomodates the needs of all individuals.
  • To regularly monitor and review all diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure progress and identify any areas for improvement.

We require all members of our community to recognise these commitments and act in accordance with them. In addition, we will comply with all relevant legislation and good practice.

Dealing with discrimination.

Unacceptable behaviour, harassment, discrimination, bullying (including cyber bullying) or victimisation of any individual is perceived as contradictory to our aspirations for a supportive working environment and will not be tolerated. Any allegations of such behaviour will be taken seriously, and dealt with promptly and with due sensitivity, and in accordance with CSH's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and any relevant legilslation under the Equalities Act 2010.

Organisational and individual responsibilities.

Our Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for ensuring that we operate within a framework of equality of opportunity and our senior management team is responsible for disseminating and enforcing all policy and procedure throughout the organisation. All employees have an individual duty to support and uphold the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion and its supporting policies and procedures.

This statement will be reviewed regularly and revised if necessary in the light of legislative or organisational changes.

For further information please email info@sustainablehealthcare.org.uk